The Costa del Sol, the most exclusive destination for real estate investment in the Mediterranean

29th Mar 2018
Photo of The Costa del Sol, the most exclusive destination for real estate investment in the Mediterranean 1/1 by Terrel Watkins

Foreign investors especially value the fame or prestige of a real estate market when it comes to betting on their assets.

Consequently, there are certain geographical areas that tend to concentrate most of the investments, such as the Costa del Sol. This famous tourist brand is consolidated as one of the preferred destinations.

According to the data published by the Appraisal Society, real estate developments on the Costa del Sol have been shot in the last year. In comparison with the rest of the great Mediterranean tourist brands (Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa Blanca...), the new houses on the Malaga coastline multiply by ten the existing ones at any other point.

This means that around 40% of the new real estate offer in the Mediterranean is divided between the different municipalities that form the Costa del Sol. Much of the promotions are especially focused on the international market. There are also lots of new and off plan property for sale.

The next differential factor that plays in favor of the Costa del Sol is the prices. Again, the assets of the region present a price much higher than that of the similar properties in the rest of the Spanish Mediterranean. The Appraisal Society has found that the average price of new housing on the coast of Malaga exceeds slightly 350,000 euros.

This is a considerably higher figure than the one that the same institution shows for the Costa Dorada (150,000 euros), the Costa Blanca (190,000 euros) or the Costa Brava (200,000 euros). In fact, the average of all the Mediterranean tourist brands (including the Costa del Sol) is 210,000 euros.

Another point in favor of the promotions in Malaga is the average size of the properties. The most discerning buyers look for apartments near the sea with all the existing amenities.

This international market is with new real estate assets with a average size of 145 square meters. Once again, this is the highest figure in the Mediterranean context, whose average data is 110 square meters.

Only 4% of the properties available for foreign investors on the Malaga beaches have less than 70 m2.

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