The Cuba Adventure: Top Vacation Spots in Cuba


Cuba is one of the great travel destinations available to Americans. It sits just at the doorstop of the United States, which makes it is a shame that politics have kept Cuba inaccessible for Americans for so long. It is so delightful that relations are improving between the US and Cuba, making it easy to travel there. If you ready to have the adventure of a lifetime, head to Cuba to sample the delights of this beautiful island. Here are five tourist attractions not to miss during a trip to Cuba.

1. The Malecón in Havana

Malecón means “boardwalk” in Spanish. One thing you should always experience when you are in Cuba is a sunset on the malecón in Havana. It is the center of nightlife in the city, which means you can kick off your night with a gorgeous Havana sunset and immediately start the party. During the day, it is a great place to go for a bike ride or a hike. The people watching and ocean view are hard to beat on the Havana malecón.

2. Old Havana

While you are in Havana, you need to make sure that you check out Old Havana. The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception is a stunningly beautiful church that will awe you when you see it. The beautiful Plaza de Armas is another must-see while in Cuba. It has been the center of social activity in Havana for more than five centuries. You also need to make sure to eat at the La Bodeguita del Medio during a stop in Old Havana. Ernest Hemmingway, Nat King Cole, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Pablo Neruda all enjoyed meals at this fantastic food destination. Make sure you sample their signature mojitos.

3. A Birdwatching Excursion

While Cuba is not particularly well-known for its wildlife, birders will find a paradise in Cuba. There are more than 350 species of birds in Cuba, including 25 bird species that are found nowhere else in the world. Even if you are not someone who is typically into birdwatching, you should take a guided birdwatching tour while you are on the island. The diversity of birds on the island is remarkable. The award for cutest bird on Cuba goes to the bee hummingbird, the smallest hummingbird on the planet. Make sure you get insurance quotes if you are planning to travel into the jungle while birdwatching.

4. Varadero Beach

For beach lovers, no trip to Cuba is complete without a visit to Varadero. This gorgeous seaside spot has a white sandy beach and some of the most sparkling turquoise water you will ever see in your life. There are lots of resorts in the area. Make sure that you stay in a good resort as the quality is definitely mixed. Get one with glass interior doors so that you can see the splendor of this paradise from your room. While you are at Varadero, take a catamaran tour, go snorkeling or simply bask in the sunshine as you sip on Cuba libres.

5. Camagüey

Most cities in Cuba have the basic square layout that the Spanish founders envisioned. Camagüey is an exception. The third-largest city in Cuba, its streets twist and turn. The founders designed their city like a labyrinth to make it as hard as possible for pirates to pillage the town. Come get lost in this artistic gem of a city. The center of the city was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Wind your way through the town’s streets as you encounter great restaurants, charming art galleries and beautiful architecture.

Cuba has a lot to offer visitors. Now that travel restrictions have been eased for Americans, you need to hop on a plane to come explore all the delights of this beautiful island. You can also come in by boat now if you are more of a sea travel fan. A visit to Cuba is always a great trip. You owe it to yourself to come experience the magic of this Caribbean delight as soon as possible.

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