The EGG WORLD- A Landmark Of Taste In The City Of Lakes, UDAIPUR


The EGG WORLD- A Landmark Of Taste In The City Of


Food is something which serves your cravings, but taste in the food which gives a bliss to your soul and when it comes to taste the food on the streets, we find many gems who feed us with their love and their special delicacy. you will find many roadside stalls and every stall will have its own special preparation.

Likewise, during my travel to Udaipur, I met with one very special person who is world famous in Udaipur. His Name is Mr. Jay Bhalecha who runs the “EGG WORLD”. He continued the legacy of his father Shri. Shobha Ram ji who started a roadside stall of Egg Preparation in 1984. After his Father, Mr. Jay Bhalecha Continued the Legacy and grew the same business and he made this Egg Preparation a brand. He has developed more than 50+ varieties of egg preparation.

This joint is in heart of Udaipur city and quite famous. Everybody knows about this joint in Udaipur and anybody can tell you where it is situated in city. It is being run in a small place but the popularity of this joint is awesome. It is near chetak cinema in Udaipur. You can take a rickshaw from any place in Udaipur and can reach there.

Boiled egg bhurju is one of the best preparation which Mr. Jay made for me. It is something which I have never tried. It is the preparation by boiled egg then cut boiled egg in to pieces and then fried them with all the Spices ingredients. Its Spicy, but Yummm. I had that preparation with Bread Slices which is an awesome combination. One more preparation which is quite famous is Tandoori Omlett.

Mr. Jay told that he is planning to take this legacy to different parts of the country and opening his outlets in several cities soon (It is in planning stage). Many people from the near by cities visits at his outlet and enjoys the delicious egg dishes.

It was wonderful to meet with Mr. Jay Bhalecha and I promised him that whenever I will be visiting Udaipur, will meet him for sure.

I had a great time in Udaipur but after experiencing this unique style of preparation of boiled egg bhurji completed my Travel to Udaipur. Hope you liked this. Please do visit “EGG WORLD” whenever travelling to Udaipur and Experience the spicy, yummy egg preparation. Happy travelling, Stay tunned for more new travel experiences.

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