The Ekam Experience Weaving Magic into Meditation 

Photo of The Ekam Experience
Weaving Magic into Meditation by vinoth
Photo of The Ekam Experience
Weaving Magic into Meditation  1/3 by vinoth

Biggest sri chakra in the world

At the dawn of the scientific revolution four centuries ago, who would have imagined that at the peak of scientific and technological progress, meditation- an art once perfected only by monks in monasteries, would come to be regarded almost on par with ‘medication’ for stress relief, rejuvenation and wellbeing?! Meditation is part of the curriculum in many educational institutions, it has become inseparable from the therapeutic work of licensed counsellors, and there are NASA astronauts regularly meditating in the International Space Station! Not to mention, it is the very face of the multi-billion-dollar Yoga industry, which has taken the world by storm since the early 70’s. Meditation is today, one of the ‘seven primary habits’ of highly successful individuals.

So much and more to meditation, let us spend a few moments understanding what really is meditation. Is it merely a tool for stress relief and peace of mind, or is there unexplored potential to it? For most of the above-mentioned categories of individuals who have made meditation an integral part of their lifestyle, meditation is about cultivating focused attention, enhancing creativity, 'being mindful’ and building up self-restraint and will power. For the monks and sages of yore, meditation was the path to divine bliss and ‘enlightenment’. Meditation was about transcending all limitation and duality that our mundane existence is comprised of, and this perhaps, was the reason why there existed an unspoken sense of fear and uncertainty around meditation in the minds of the ‘commoners’ like us.

Broadly speaking, we come across two categories of meditators- the ardent seekers, for whom meditation is an ‘ultra-spiritual’ and esoteric process of renunciation, transcendence and self-restraint. And the super-busy professionals, CEO’s and entrepreneurs, for whom meditation is about focus and channeling the power of the mind for reduced stress and more productivity. At Ekam or the Oneness Field, the ancient as well as the contemporary understanding of meditation, is being completely redefined!

Situated about 100 km north of Chennai, close to the Tada highway in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, Ekam or the Oneness Field is a sacred space, a mystic powerhouse dedicated to the transformation of world consciousness. At a first glance, this white marble structure looks surreal, of unsurpassed magnificence- hard to describe! Ekam is one of the finest examples of contemporary sacred architecture, where every door, every window and every pattern on the floor carries esoteric significance- they all resonate with and amplify the sacred healing energies of the earth and the universe. Our planet could be visualized as a mesh of invisible, intersecting magnetic energy gridlines. More the number of gridlines intersecting within a given space, the positive, healing potential of that space tends to be lesser.

Photo of The Ekam Experience
Weaving Magic into Meditation  2/3 by vinoth

Ekam is one of the very few such spaces on the entire planet, where no magnetic gridlines intersect. As a result, when you walk into this power field, your body, mind and consciousness become harmonized with the sacred energies of the earth and the universe. Your psychic energy channels and energy centers or the ‘nadis’ and ‘chakras’ are spontaneously activated, setting into motion deep shifts in your consciousness. At Ekam, you walk into the embrace of the Divine. You become engulfed in a powerful vortex of Consciousness.

The meditations that happen at Ekam or the Oneness Field are one of its kind for two reasons:

1. They seamlessly blend the mundane and the transcendental, thus making it possible for a CEO to experience deeply spiritual states of causeless bliss and cessation of mind chatter, while also enabling ardent spiritual seekers to create synchronicities and address worldly problems. Who does not have problems in life? And who does not seek to have access to a higher power that can miraculously address these problems? The meditations at Ekam would help you channel the power of Source or Divinity and the power of consciousness to create synchronicities, healing, transformation and transcendence.

2. The other unique feature of the meditations at Ekam or the Oneness Field is that- in this divine play field, meditation is an effortless or spontaneous happening. For centuries, the mental imagery associated with meditation has been one of extreme willpower, effort and ‘bending’ the impossible ways of the mind. Consider images of the Buddha maintaining unwavering focus amidst an onslaught of flame-tipped arrows of the demons of passion and desire, or of Indian sages with anthills and creepers growing upon their bodies! Fast forward a few millennia and we have Ekam, a mystic powerhouse, which channels and amplifies the sacred energies of the earth and the universe to affect a neurobiological shift in the brain and a consequent transformation in your consciousness.

Such is the power of this sacred field of consciousness that a restless mind automatically falls silent, and stressful states of mind spontaneously give way for beautiful states of peace, happiness and love. Immersing yourself in the Divine Presence, awakening to the infinity of your own consciousness and affecting world consciousness were probably never more tangible and ‘at hand’ than at Ekam!

Ekam or the Oneness Field is where you would experience true spirituality, sans religious dogma. The meditations offered here are completely free of charge.

Photo of The Ekam Experience
Weaving Magic into Meditation  3/3 by vinoth

You could be an adept meditator, or you could be someone who is trying out meditation for the first time- the practices at Ekam are simple, doable and very effective. For those who seek a longer meditation retreat away from the hustle-bustle of the city, comfortable accommodation and healthy vegetarian food are also available at nominal costs.

Go and experience the magic of Ekam or the Oneness Field for yourself. You will leave a happier, fulfilled and changed person.

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