The Escape - The day I decided to start solo travels


I still remember that day when I had decided to go on my first solo travel. I was experiencing the same phase in my life which probably has been experienced by millions before. I was 28 years old. My life was heading nowhere. I was stuck in an exhausting IT job, where I had to swallow my pride, listen to client's tantrums and work "diligently". I was not able to give any time to my interests and passions. So on that day, when I was heading back home from a usual long day at work, I started contemplating about what I have done for myself in the whole life and by the time I finished, the answer was loud and clear... "Nothing". And the moment I realized this, I decided... "Now onward, I am going to invest in myself, no matter what". Now that I had made up my mind about "Investing in Myself", the next question was "What exactly I love to do?"

During my school days, I was a keen student of History and Geography. Whenever I used to read about kings like Alexander, Shivaji or Akbar, I would always wander into their world. "How Alexander would have felt after defeating the powerful Darius at Gaugamela and conquering the great Persian empire?", "What would have driven a 16-year old Shivaji to take up arms against the might of Mughal empire?" were some of the questions I would ask myself. I used to get intrigued by the achievements of ancient Harappan, Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. I would remember the capitals of each and every country. I would know the tallest of peaks, the longest of rivers and the largest of forests. But then I never took my interest seriously as a career option and joined a rat race called "Engineering" and buried my interests...till that day, when they re-surfaced.

Ever since the advent of Social Networks, I had become hooked to them. I would constantly have my fingers scrolling the stories on Facebook. I had come across lot of stories on how the solo travel changed the life of people. Honestly...I used to think that it was all B*****t. But after thinking a lot, I told myself "Lets try this B*****t and see what happens". And from that day to this very day, I regret that why didn't try this B******t earlier.

In my next post I will write about my first solo trip and how my interest in History drove the choice of the places for my trip.

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