The infamous upper lake of Bhopal City : Bhojital it is

21st Feb 2018
Day 1

Lake , rivers or scenery through the water is always a good idea to chill and relax. The capital city of MP ,i.e , Bhopal city is one of them. The city itself is so magnificent and unique in it's nature that it's a bliss to visit there.

The upper lake of Bhopal also known as Bhojital is one of those place where one should definitely visit.

So , I decided to visit Bhojital and experience the beauty of it. During our ride to the lake , through the driver , we came to that according to the local folklore, Bhojtal is said to have been built by the Paramara raja bhoj during his tenure as a king of malwa . 

He is also said to have established the city of Bhopal (also named after him, then as Bhojpal) to secure the eastern frontier of his kingdom.

Special tip : Always talk to the locals , autorickshaw drivers to know the untold and beautiful history of any place. It is always a good idea.

Basically , the lake was known as the Upper Lake or Bada talab until March 2011 it was renamed to Bhojtaal in honour of the Great King Raja Bhoj who built it.

Also , as soon as we enter the lake , the view was so beautiful and magnificent. There was a first garden with soothing greenery and then there is big vast lake. In the evening the view is more beautiful than as compared to other time of the day.

So , if possible , do visit this lake in the evening hours. It was so beautiful.
Also , make sure to check the timings of the lake , i.e , 6 am to 7 pm on all 7 days.

Bhojtal is situated on the west central part of Bhopal city and is surrounded by van vihar national park on the south, human settlements on the east and north, and agriculture fields on the west. So if you are visiting any of these places , one can visit the other one too. Isn't it great.

Also , one can enjoy the food delecacies too. As there is a small chowpatty type stalls that serves various food delecacies.

The people are religiously and culturally attached to the lakes. The lakes meet their needs of water supply from  there.

Also , Fishing is mainly done on its south-eastern shores. The lake also serves as the source of water for irrigating a large area.

As , Bhojtal attracts tourists due to its scenic beauty. The National Sailing School was established at the Boat Club on its eastern side.

This club offers various water sports such as kayaking , canoeing ,  rafting ,  parasailing  etc. A number of operators provide facilities for exciting trips by sail, paddle and motor boats. So one can enjoy the scenic beauty and also indulge in water sports as an adventure activity. This is a great deal.

Also , as we proceeded , we came to know that this lake is also a home of various species of Flora and fauna. So , one can actually see various birds , plants , flowers etc..

Also , this lake provides a parking area . Which is very rare in this type of places. So , it's a good deal. And also , the parking area is very accessible , developed and secured.

Overall , the experience was so so good . As this place is not so explored by the various travellers , so it's very unknown to many. But the lake , water sports activity and a chowpatty nearby is a great deal.

So guys , this is a must visit place if you are in Bhopal. It is really worth it to see at least once.

With adventure ,

Photo of Upper Lake, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh by shruti kabra
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