The Goan Vacation

9th Nov 2014
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Machuara Scenes
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On the way
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Cabo De Rama
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Cabo De Rama
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Cabo De Rama
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Outside Area

There's always been a debate on whether the mountains are a better vacation spot or the beaches. I can't honestly say which side I'm on. But going to Agonda Beach, Goa, tilted the scales a little to beaches.

The day we landed in Goa, the plan was to get a car and head straight to Palolem. The last time I was there, the place seemed pretty peaceful and something that I was looking for. The guy we rented the car from suggested we head down towards Agonda, which is few kms beyond Palolem and we figured, what the heck, let's give this a go.

Getting There:
Since I'd saved up for this we wanted to be a little extravagant. We booked a car for the week we were there and it was pretty good decision. Reaching the airport, we picked the i20 and, on the suggestion of the car dude, headed straight for Agonda. It's around 45kms away from the airport and you'll cross Mudgaon and Palolem to get there and the way is pretty decent. Took us somewhat an hour or so to get there. Not sure about other modes of travel, but we filled up the tank when we got there and it lasted us till the end of the trip. This included heading all the way to Curlies, North Goa. And, random travelling here and there.

Staying There:
This was the fun part. We had no idea where we will stay since we didn't make any bookings. Wifey opened up a hotel search website and we started looking around for places. Note that the budget was not really an issue. (Bragging rights – It was the first birthday my wifey was celebrating with me and I had to go all out). We looked around for a few places and finalised on White Sand Beach Resort. Man, was that a good pick!

The stay was around 3,500 INR per night but the place was beyond beautiful. Beach houses, super comfortable beds and a shower that left wifey mesmerised – that's actually what made us stay there, she saw the shower and was sold!

The staff was nice is an understatement. They made us feel just at home, there was no constant bugging or disturbances. They were there whenever you needed them and can stir up some pretty tasty treats. The funniest thing that happened was that they needed to shift our room due to some confusion and my phone was not reachable. When we came back and were told that the rooms have been shifted, everything was exactly the way it was in our old room. Pretty accurately captured and replicated, I have to say.

There are millions of places to eat. Our resort had some pretty food fish curry and some awesome sausage breakfast scenes. We tried a place next to our hotel but didn't really find the food good. Goan sausages – I'm drooling as I'm writing this. Baba's Little Italy had the most amazing Goan Sausage and I hogged on them like a mad man. Wifey, not being too keen about seafood stuck to Italian and other stuff.

Ciaran's, Palolem Beach- The outdoor setup there is brilliant. The cool sea breeze and the lights make a good mix of a date night. A bottle of wine and some delicious foods would be a perfect way to spend your last night there.

Stuff to do there:Make sure you visit Cabo De Rama. The place is beyond beautiful and the drive there is even better. Take the route from Colva and you there's a point where you can only see the ocean.

Walk around the shore of Agonda beach. Morning, evening or night, it's always quiet and always a perfect setting.

Take a boat ride with the fishermen.

Curlies – Not my can of beer, I guess.

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