The Golden Triangle of Gwalior

27th Aug 2021
Photo of The Golden Triangle of Gwalior by Kshitish Pandey

The valleys of Chambal near Gwalior have always been famous. Or if I have to completely honest, they have been Infamous. Once a place which was home to few of the most dangerous daakus in the history of India, it was a place feared by all. By today, when the dacoits cease to exist, the Chambal region has taken its journey from being infamous to actually famous. The reason for this transition is the Golden Triangle of Gwalior, which contains three monuments which has seen everything in their time and are still standing tall. If you are ver visiting Gwalior , the Golden Triangle should be on your list which contains the Ruins of Bateshwar, the interesting for Of Padawali and the place from where the design of the Indian Parliament building is inspired, Mitaoli or Mitawali.

40 kms from Gwalior, they are situated in the district of Morena and are a major tourist attraction. And if you have to ask me, they truly deserve all the attention they receive !