The Great Gigantic Pyramids of Giza,Egypt

Photo of The Great Gigantic Pyramids of Giza,Egypt 1/1 by Neha Chauhan

Hello World!!!!

Its that time of the Year when I am traveling again. I am exploring Egypt at the moment, though the country has a harsh Hot Weather due to deserted Land but it has the old world charm because of their Ancient Civilization. I went to Giza to experience the Cradle of Civilization,Giza Necropolis. These Great Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx of Giza are a spectacular sight to watch in the barren deserted Land.

Ever since I watched Mummy Returns Movies, I always wanted to see them for real,their Mummies inside and Sphinx as the mythical creature.

According to locals, Sphinx is the protector of the Pyramids and its hidden Treasures inside pyramids.These Treasures are cursed and anybody found them will also be cursed. Well I am yet to see the Royal Mummies since they have been moved out of pyramids for preserving them and been shifted to museum.

Will share with you soon he pictures of Mummies till then you can enjoy View of Pyramids.

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