The Green wonderland :Shillong

26th Apr 2016
Day 1
I found myself annihilated in the foggy and lofty hills,cascading waterfall,wet roads,peaks wearing the crown of clouds,opulent greenery ,spine-tingling views .....oh I was in  the Done-to-Death destination "Shillong". 

The capital city of 'Meghalaya' (which means the 'abode of clouds'  ), Shillong prevailing at a height of 1496m is parallel to a dream for a nature lover like me. Located on the khansi hills ,Shillong is also known as the ' Scotland of East'.

Sitting in lap of nature Shillong has many panaromic views which made my heart skip a beat.This land of nature has bequeathed elements for exploration.And I was feeling so fortunate that I was out there to feel the dynamic views where the nature was in its full generosity.

I caught on to a local transportation to reach the " Shillong hills" which was one of the highest peaks of Himalaya.The majestic peak was at the distance of 10 km from Shillong and was one of the most attractive destination for tourist and adventure Romeo's. The peak was perched at a height of 1965m enveloped by prolific plant kingdoms and beautiful waterfalls. The clouds on the top of the hill was forming its roof and it was looking stunning . While I was hillwalking ,it started drizzling and I forgot to take my umbrella but the drops of rains made my trekking even more fascinating.

Being located at such a great height the peak bestowed a spectacular display of the city.

After Shillong peak I took the same  carriage to rolled on to the "Elephant waterfalls" which was a few minute drive from the Shillong peak .Through out the way I was reasoning that there must be many elephants nearby the falls and that is why it got the name,but when I reached the place I saw the daylight , I am not a prodigy.

The three steps waterfall  located 12 km away from the city was the collection of three smaller falls which eventually became one after merging.The local ,'Kashi' people reffered this waterfall as ' Kshaid lai Pateng Khohsiew',which later renamed by the Britishers after a rock by the side of this fall which resemble to elephant. The  echo of the water falling from different streams, the mild wind ,the blossoming trees and hurbs, dancing orchids set my spirit somewhere else.It was divine .

Travelling 100 km from Shillong  I turned up to the "Green kingdom.It was nothing but green as far as my could see.Stationed in the East khansi District " Mawlynnong" village which was tagged with the Asia's cleanest village .

When I went there it was the month of monsoon which is the occasion of nature when nature celebrate itself and carrying some time there was like cherry on the cake.

The space was extremely pretty and unpolluted. The homes of the folks and the guest house were all made up of bamboos.The richness of flora ,the picturesque waterfalls making there ways from the small streams,beautiful orchids were making the place enchanting.The village was seem as the God's own garden.

I was about to took the cab for next destination nearby the Shillong and suddenly  a felt a horrible sound in my ears and my alarm clock was screaming "wake up" ,"wake up" and when I opened my eyes I discovered my self in my bed oh I was dreaming.

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