The Hidden Treasures.

11th Nov 2014

beach near the kunkeshwar temple

Photo of The Hidden Treasures. by trupti.dha

Well, many people are not aware of this place and I feel happy that i was lucky enought to know about it. Just a 2hr drive from kankavli, place where my grandmother spent most of her childhood and now shared its beauty with us. So it was last year that I set the konkan region of India as my destination and believe me it was something I have never seen before. First of all the travel was more than amazing as i crossed rivers, mountains and waterfalls as I enjoyed my journey. I reached kothkamte, were i was as close to nature as one can be, surrounded by forests, rivers and long stretched feilds.The climate was as pleasant as it could be and it was lovely. One would absolutely love the place if adventure is their thing as you could go on trekking, rafting, mountain climbing and many more. for a foodie this place is one of the best places as you could enjoy with traditional konkan delicacies. And beach lovers do not be disappointed as the Kunkeshwar temple beach is just 30 mins away and trust me it is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches you would have ever been with the largest aquarium, as you will find jellyfishes, crabs and lots of other aquatic beings around you. The kunkeshwar temple also breathtakimg and beautiful in itself. it really a hidden treasure and one would not want to miss it. Do visit

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