The home of the Possessed

22nd Nov 2018
Day 1

Dargah is a shrine built over the grave of an Sufi Saint or darvesh.Erwadi dargah is one of that kind, Located in the Erwadi village in Ramanathapuram district in Tamilnadu.I am not gonna say about the scenic beauty or the austere environment of the place but something beyond that.The place is commonly the home for the "POSSESSED" (evil spirit in human beings).We entered the dargah at about 10:00 am morning despite of knowing this fact. We were able to see many ladies aged between 20 - 30  walking forward and backward at high speed murmuring something trying to come infront of us speaking in Urdu language.I was not able to look at her eyes for more than few seconds since it was really scary.The Possessed ones are brought by their family to the dargah and spent weeks here until they get cured.The belief is that sand in the dargah is so much holy and it is able to cure ones mental Illness.One scene I will not forget in my whole life time is that of an adult Muslim woman in black dress running at high speed chanting "om namah shivaya", I was speechless , my friends too.There were few saadhus so we sat with them and they explained about the rituals and how it cured the people, Most of the possessed ones are in chains they are locked, with their family looking after them.People from all parts of soutern India visit here and we can feel an whole new dimension of thought process here, The place is also an union of all relegion sects cast, creed.The place is called Erwadi dargah be here once in your life time and you will feel how Lucky we people are.We were not able to take many photographs since every moment is deeply imprinted in my mind.

With the saadhu

Photo of The home of the Possessed by Naveen Sivaramakrishnan

Interaction with the holy people of the place

Photo of The home of the Possessed by Naveen Sivaramakrishnan

Dargah view

Photo of The home of the Possessed by Naveen Sivaramakrishnan
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