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The Indian Pearls in the Bay of Bengal
Duration: 1 Day

Telling about a trip of five days in one blog would not do justice to the trip, because I have so much to share. So I decided to write this in the form of a series covering each day in each "piece of blog".

This is the first of the series on my trip to the Andaman Islands which I call the "Indian Pearls in the Bay of Bengal.

I would rather start my narration from the day we left home and reached Port Blair and what we saw on Day 1 in Port Blair.

We left for Port Blair from Chennai by Air India flight which left Chennai at 05.10 AM and reached Port Blair at 07.20AM on the dot.

Mr Krishna our Tour Operator had send the Tata Sumo half an hour before our flight landed. We straight went to the Guest House, freshened up, had our breakfast of Puri, Potato curry, Masala Dosa and a cup of piping hot coffee.

We left the Guest House at 10.30 AM and drove straight to the Cellular Jail. A must watch, because it is in this place where history still echoes in silence from ever corner of the cells where the freedom fighters were put up. It was so gruesome to see the pain and torture they faced during their jail term. They were made to work long hours, made to manually extract oil from the coconuts. Seeing the gallows where these prisoners were hanged, my heart wrenched in pain.

From there we headed to the Museum, then we went to see the Chatham Saw Mill which is still one of the largest Saw Mills. Back at the Guest House we had our lunch. Tickets were pre booked by our Tour Operator for our visit to Ross Island in the evening because the laser show at Ross Island which starts at sunset is a "must watch". Too mesmerizing to miss. After watching the spectacular laser show we returned to Port Blair by the same boat, had some yummy Arun Ice Cream and retired for the day. It was a day worth spent. We were spell bound by the laser show with a voice over by Gulzar Sahab. Ross Island and North Bay Islands are a visible distance away from Port Blair. If you want to go for a Sea Walk, Scuba diving or Snorkeling then North Bay Island is the best place.

At night, in the Guest House, we spend our night in anticipation and thrill of discussing the day we spend in an island 1400 kilometers from the mainland of India. How excited we were to sleep in such a distant island. The feeling was wonderful.

So, we were wondering what surprise awaited us the next day at Havelock Island. The tickets for the cruise named Green Ocean were already pre booked for the journey at 06.00 the AM the next day.

We slept with happiness writ all over our faces, for the day spend and in anticipation of the day to be spent at Havelock Island.

... Those details I will post in my second blog of this series.

... Wait in anticipation, like we did! (and enjoy the pics of Day 1).

Photos of  1/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  2/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  3/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  4/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  5/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  6/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  7/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  8/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  9/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  10/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  11/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  12/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  13/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  14/15 by Karim S A
Photos of  15/15 by Karim S A

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