The true joy of May


I asked her “So how is it  ... Are there any trees or flowers?”

After a long time almost more than a decade I wanted to know about the village area I was born nearby.

Its been a long time since I went back and it was a faded memory now.
My cousin sister from Village was in for a visit and so, I asked her.
She described the most beautiful place which was “home” to her.
She said in spring time you can see the different coloured flowers on the tree and they blossom so beautifully. Followed by the month of May - the month of joy…
There are fruits of different kind in the field, in the garden...
There are Peach, Mango, Litchi (especially reserved for them to enjoy) and much more…
It’s very sunny and they have such a great time.
To me it sounded so beautiful, away from the city fake people crowd, away from the show-off of the brands, where makeup does not matter, under the clear bright sky just pure innocence.
I asked her, will she ever trade-off that with the city life.
She said without any doubt, “No, not in million years”.
Photo of The true joy of May 1/1 by Shikha 

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