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Duration: 4 Days
Expenditure 4500
Photos of  1/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
A Group of Sixteen people started a journey for one of the most beautiful place of Munsiyari and than trek to Khaliya top peak [11500 Feet] with beautiful view of panchachuli peaks /Hansling peak . we all are very excited for this trip and started our journey from Ghaziabad on 2nd of March 17
Photos of  2/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
On 2nd march at 11 pm we all are reached moradabad and enjoyed a delicious food for one of the best dhaba - Gulshan da Dhaba and then started our journey for Nainital .
Photos of  3/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
On 3rd March 17 we finally reached Munsiryari at 5 Pm after crossing multiple beautiful places along with one of the best hills areas . we are lucky that whether is clean in Munsiayari and Panchuchuli peak are so clear along with Hansling peak.
Photos of  4/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
Its already 4.30 Pm and there is no meaning to start a trek in evening so we are planing to explore the local market and planing to findout the hotel in Munsiyari and luckily we are getting Pandey lodge which is one of the best hotel in term and pricing and location as well.
Photos of  5/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
On 4th March early morning 6 Am we all are planing to start the trek and reached to the trekking point Bhujani and from trekking to khaliya is 6 Km trek with beautiful meadows and jungle area with million of trees . From the trekking point itself Panchchulli peak looks so beautiful after sunrise.
Photos of  6/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
After 1 hr trek we all are reach to upper area of trek point an slowly slowly we are entering in snow area which is given a extra energy to everyone and people are so excited for snow trek and beauty of Khaliya top .
Photos of  7/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
Finally we entered in snow trek and enjoyed a lot and its really very difficult for everyone to trek in snow but still happiness always give you lots of energy and positive sign to do anything which is beyond the limit .
Photos of  8/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
After successfully crossed the snow area we all are reached to the upper hills of trekking point and enjoyed a beautiful Panchchulli peak along with Hansling ... its look like we all are in heaven after seen the fantastic view of all the 7000 mtr peaks .
Photos of  9/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
After 2 hr journey we finally reached near by maggi point and take a rest of 30 Min because after this point khaliya top distance only 1.5 kM and its a moderate trek now . we all are never forget that maggi cost and tea cost of this place :) :) ..
Photos of  10/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
After 4.5 hr journey we finally reached to the top of Khaliya top and enjoyed the real beauty of this trek . Lots of area covered in Ice and provide a very good picture of khaliya top peak
Photos of  11/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
As you all are aware march is the holy week so its a surprise package from my side to all the trekkers and we all are celebrate hoiy festival in top of the hills and one of the best holi of my life till date . celebrate holy in 11500 feet along with all the group people .
Photos of  12/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
wide area which is give you the clear picture of sunset and all the top mountains . including Nanda Devi East /Panchchulli /Hansling peak and North Zone of Himlayan Range.
Photos of  13/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
Photos of  14/15 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes
Its really very difficult decision for everyone to go back to munsiyari after this trekking . Everyone interested to spend one day in peak only but we are decide to go back to Munsiyari and than started our journey at 3.30 Pm after so many wonderful memories from Khaliya top peak

Photos of Khaliya Top, Munsyari - Thal Road, Khaliya, Uttarakhand, India 1/1 by Gaurav Singh - Himalayan hikes

If you Anybody interested for this peak then let me know . i ll always available to provide you best information about khaliya top without investing any extra money for unnecessary services. Most of people people close this trek with multiple trekking group and cost is 8000 Rs after reaching Munsiyari and we people close this trip in 4500 Rs only from delhi to Delhi with Hotel /Food /Trekking .. My motive to encourage all the indian young generation for mountain trekking and provide them best guidance so that people easily trek all the place with good price . if somebody interested for mountain trekking and then join me on Facebook -

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