The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur

11th Aug 2017

From Karni Mata Temple

Photo of The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur by Deep Shikha
Photo of The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur 1/7 by Deep Shikha

A place that is sure to revive your senses and make you feel better about the world is Udaipur. Away from the hush of the city, close to nature, Udaipur belongs to the people who adore natural environs. With amazing landscape, Udaipur is also called the city of lakes including Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Rajsamand Lake and Jaisamand Lake, the five prominent lakes ornamenting the place. Also, the beautiful forts, palaces, and traditional markets make it a traveling hot-spot for many.

Me and my best friend took this privilege to travel the city from Delhi by a luxury bus(for the first time). The adventure started when we got late to reach the bus stop and the bus driver was about to leave us right where we were. But exact at 8 pm we boarded the bus and traveled overnight journey. In the morning, we were watching the amazing giant hills layered by greenery soothing our eyes and making us excited to easily measure the distance to our destination.

We arrived near Ranapratap Nagar railway station and then through Ola cabs, we reached a friend's place. Looking at the kind of gestures the nature of Udaipur giving us was mesmerizing.

We got ready as soon we reached and took a cab to the nearby Pichola lake to breathe freshness and relieve the stress in and out. The Lake Palace in between of the water is astonishing and definitely stealing the gaze. We sat on the stairs dropping our legs in the flowing water. With the cool breeze, the moment was spectacular.

Photo of The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur 2/7 by Deep Shikha

Meanwhile, when we were in the cab, we saw some places in between that we wanted to stop by, so we decided to book a scooter or two cycles to wander freely through the city.

After visiting Pichola lake, we took the bicycles and ride all the way to reach that small corner that we saved and sat there for more than an hour. The most memorable part of this place was we played the pebbles-throw game and I assuredly lost the game with her, she threw the longest. The ever still water the tree in between was a glitter to the view.

Photo of The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur 3/7 by Deep Shikha

The next we did was feeding our empty tummies with special treats of Udaipur. We had Dhokla, Poha and Raj kachori, too yummy to save for later. Definitely, the body wanted to rest, but we were thrilled, and we didn't have much time to spend on beds.

It was around 4 pm, when we turned our paddles towards Gulab Bagh, one of the famous parks in Udaipur with a giant entrance. As soon we reached, the small train visit took our attention. Though we didn't take the easy tour, we captured the railway track and walked inside the Bagh. A statue of Gandhiji, ancient forts and greenery all around, this place were good to visit once.

Photo of The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur 4/7 by Deep Shikha

While coming out, we spotted this place "Pizza Empire", 2 minutes away from Gulab Bagh. We entered because it was offering unlimited pizza and more in just 180 rs. Couldn't eat much, but I will suggest you all to get this offer if you are real foodie. I loved the Italian salads the most.

Photo of The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur 5/7 by Deep Shikha

For the evening, we chose to go Fateh Sagar lake. A little shower of rain was an add-on to already cool and gorgeous ever spread lake. Although, it was cold but walked through to let the rain touch us a little more.

Not just that for the day, we heard about the City Palace from the drivers out there, and we stepped towards the same to check out. We found out that it costs some 350 bucks visit the palace and the museum and it's a big one. Sadly, it was closed when we arrived, but you could still roam around and watch the place from outside. So we moved in. Mesmerizing architecture and beautiful designs everywhere held us into the moment. We tried to capture a few, but the less light asked us to enjoy the view more.

Photo of The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur 6/7 by Deep Shikha

We went back to the stay and slept for another day adventure. Woke up with a fresh mood and got ready to visit Lake Badi and Karni Mata temple. Had breakfast, and moved to Lake Badi first. After a while, we counted the stairs to the Karni Mata Temple also called Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata, a Hindu temple located on the Machla Magra Hills, near the Doodh Talai Lake in Udaipur. It enshrines the stone statue of Karni Mata. With an amazing view of the city and its lakes, this temple doesn't only fulfills religious purpose but also is a pleasure to the eyes. Spent more than an hour here and clicked the best of the city.

Photo of The beautiful Lake City: Udaipur 7/7 by Deep Shikha

Last we visited was, Sajjan Garh perched on top of a distant hill like a fairy-tale castle, this late-19th-century palace was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh. Guaranteeing marvelous views, particularly at sunset.

This was the time to move back to catch the train because we need to now travel back to where we came from.

Packed and here we grabbed the seats of Mewar express to Delhi.

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I too went to Udaipur on Christmas weekend from Delhi with two of my best and oldest friends. It truly was a refreshing experience. I recommend people at least 3 days trip to Udaipur and avoid rushing from one place to another. Let the beauty and history of each of its marvelous places sink in to your soul for completely refreshing experience.
Sat 01 06 18, 22:16 · Reply (1) · Report
Yea exactly
Sun 01 07 18, 12:14 · Report