The Largest Monastery in India | Tawang | North-East India

15th May 2017

I spent a day in Tawang exploring its famous monastery. It's massive, to say the least. The Tawang Monastery is said to be the largest in India and the 2nd largest in the world.

The weather then turned foul, so I was not able to see anything more in Tawang. I began my return journey the next day. More riding, more adventure and another crossing of the intimidating Sela Pass.

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this is awesome! I was actually planning to go there. need help! get back to me so that I can shoot some questions to you, if you don't mind!
Fri 09 22 17, 11:18 · Reply (1) · Report
Hey, sure. Please DM me on Instagram (@tollfreetraveller)
Fri 09 22 17, 21:29 · Report