The Local Trails | Amritsar | Festivals, Food & Farms


You know Punjab actually means the land of 5 rivers. But I think for me the 5 things that make #Punjab are - Farms, Festivals, Flavours, Friendship & most importantly Food.

They say that you need to TASTE A CULTURE to really understand it. And when it comes to culture and food, what's better than Punjab. Or may be that's the Punjabi in me talking :)

I have been to #Amritsar before but this time around the idea was to blend in and get a real sense of life in this city. And that's why I reached out to a True Blue Amritsari GAYATRI PESHAWARIA. Gayatri is a chef and a food educator who has come up with a unique initiative to not just educate kids on healthy food but also teach them how to cook.

And thanks to her, I was hosted by this lovely Mother- Son duo at their farmstay. The Sarkaria family has this amazing home right in the middle of their 3 acres farms. And like true Punjabis they welcomed me not just with open arms but with open hearts. SO much so that they left all their work for a couple of days and showed me a different Amritsar - which is away from the typical sightseeing points and all your Kesars and Brothers Dhabas of the world.

I always used to crib that why don't I have relatives who live in a farm somewhere in Punjab. And you know what, now I can say I have one.

And that's the beauty of #Travel - It makes you richer in so many ways.