The Most Brilliant Toolkit for Every Student-Travel Lover

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Isn’t traveling the coolest thing you could possibly do in your life? Seeing new places, learning about new cultures, meeting new people… there’s hardly anything better and more important than that.

Then, there’s education. It’s important, too. However, it limits your options for traveling. If you want to see Japan in the spring, you’ll be forced to do it in a hurry. You can’t really take an entire month off a semester just to enjoy the cherry blossoms and see as much as possible of that country.

What can you do? How can you go through your travel plans without putting your studies on a break? Well, you’ll have to do it in between semesters, and you’ll have to make your trips as effective as possible. How do you make your traveling more effective? There are tools for that.

1. Forgett

As any other student, you’re limited with the time you spend traveling. However, you’re also limited with the budget. We all know how expensive your education is, and we know you don’t have the time for a highly rewarding full-time job.

So you’re on a low budget and a limited period of time? You have to be really effective with the planning. You want to see and experience as many things as possible. That’s why it’s important to have a checklist. Do your research and plan how you want to spend the time. Forgett is a great tool for creating inspiring checklists.

2. Essay Geeks

What if you find a really cheap ticket and you book affordable accommodation for your dream destination, but the timing isn’t right? Maybe you have to leave before the semester ends, and you won’t have time to submit that research paper? Essay Geeks can help!

This is a service that helps you handle all school projects as effectively as possible. You will collaborate with professional writers to get all work ready on time, so you can focus on your trips.

3. Airfarewatchdog

You want the cheapest tickets? Of course you do! Set up deal alerts for a specific destination on Airfarewatchdog and you’ll be able to book the cheapest flights on time.

4. Hotel Tonight

You like being spontaneous? You should enjoy that! You’re a student and this is your time to be wild. This means you’re making instant decisions when it comes to traveling. Thus, you have to be equipped with the best tool that helps you find last-minute accommodation. That’s Hotel Tonight. It gives you exclusive location-based discounts and a really easy way to book an affordable room.

5. Kindle E-Reader

Yes, you’ll be out most of the time, exploring everything the destination has to offer. When you’re not exploring, you’ll be having fun in the local clubs. When you’re not doing that, you’ll probably be sleeping.

But what happens during the flight? What if you feel like you could use a good book while sitting on the beach or having your morning coffee? A Kindle e-reader is not just a recommendation for travelers; it’s a basic necessity. If you like reading, you can pick books from local authors. That’s how you’ll understand the specific culture in its full glory - through its literature.

6. Calm

It’s hard to get your mind quiet and relaxed when your time and budget are limited while traveling. If you’re not getting enough rest and sleep, you’ll get in a fully anxious state by the end of the trip. You don’t want that to happen.

Calm is a simple, but really effective stress-management app. It gets you through guided meditations that help you relax and focus.

7. XE Currency Converter

True story: I spent £65 on tea in Turkey. Tea! It was a beautiful market with different types of herbs and teas. I figured: how much it could possibly cost? So I told the lady to pack me several types of tea and I paid in Turkish lira. When I converted the amount later that night, I realized I was practically robbed.

Take my word on this: you absolutely need to rely on a converter when you’re traveling. It’s hard to keep converting money in your head. Without this tool, you have no idea how much things really cost and you usually end up spending more than expected.

XE Currency Converter is available as an app, so install it on your phone. And use it!

The right toolkit can make a real difference in the way you travel. The right tool at the right time can be a real lifesaver for a student who loves to explore the world. Do you have any other tools to suggest? Feel free to share!

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