The Most Popular Family Vacation Destinations


Travel without kids is a whole different experience. But vacationing with them has another charm altogether. A family vacation stays with you for a long time. The memories are cherished forever. Of course travel with family will require divergent planning and your priorities would be completely different as opposed to lone travel or travel as couple. But the purpose is more or less the same. To enjoy a stress free time and make happy, new memories!

Without kids you could trek mountains or experience the thrill of wandering in ‘dangerous’ places but once they accompany you, you need to make sure the vacation destination is affordable, fun for the kids as well as the adults, safe and secure. Today we have compiled a list of the most popular family vacation destinations around the world.

1. Orlando, Florida, United States of America

Orlando tops our list because of one sole reason and that is the Walt Disney World. This amusement park is loved by everyone regardless of their age. It needs little introduction as it is already known world-wide. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Magic Kingdom and Epcot are some of favorite spots in the city.

You need to start saving up now if you wish to manage a vacation in Orlando as you have to cover the expense of the flights, the hotel stay and then the tickets to the theme parks. If you can bag cheap airline tickets somehow, the next major expense is only the admission tickets.

2. London, England, United Kingdom

From the magnificent Buckingham Palace, iconic Big Ben, exotic Sea Life London Aquarium, beautiful Hyde Park to the wonderful eateries, London has all the right ingredients for a family vacation. It is calm, safe and most importantly has the sweetest locals.

3. Cancun, Mexico

A family vacation means double the expenses so usually people are looking for a fun destination that is affordable as well. Mexico is an ideal destination price-wise. And surely Cancun is not an unfamiliar city. It known all over the world for its gorgeous beaches and excellent resorts. Children love the sea and fortunately so do the adults. It’s a win win situation!

4. Barcelona, Spain

The cosmopolitan capital of Spain boasts some very unique Spanish architectural sites, adorable Spanish streets and fascinating museums. The city looks like a place in the movies. Only last year, the city hosted a whopping 32 million tourists. In fact as unusual as it sounds, the authorities are now introducing measures to limit the number of visitors.

5. Bahamas, Caribbean

There is nothing as memorable as a Caribbean vacation. Stunning natural surroundings, pristine beaches and the fascinating tropical wildlife.. What else do you need? Bahamas is home to countless islands and each one is better than the other, offering plenty of activities to do including snorkeling, scuba diving, cruising, fishing and surfing. The authorities have developed some great hotels in the area to attract more tourists.

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