The mountains are calling, are you coming!!!

14th May 2017

Experience the wonders of Himalayas like never before. Join us on an expedition to the highest motorable road of the world - Chalo Leh!

This 14-day expedition is designed to give you the extreme experience of the Himalayan lifestyle. From rich blue lakes to iconic monasteries, white frothy snow to mountain desert dunes, or vibrant cultures to historic monuments, this expedition is meant to revive the hidden adventurer within you. A single journey at a height of 18000 feet where you hike, trek, camp, walk, raft, camel and yak ride, drive and boat all at the same time. And all the way, nature shares its secrets with you as the caravan moves through the breathtaking experience. Once you are on the other side of the journey, you will never be the same again!! That's a promise we keep.

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