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19th Feb 2019
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Leaving Granada, we decided to take a bus to Rivas. A $2 bus ride, what could go wrong? In Costa Rica, they use time as more of a window to meet rather than a restricted time. This usually means they are 30 minutes late. It's called "Tico time." We assumed Nicaraguans may be the sa me and by getting there 20 minutes early, we would be fine.


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We were 50 yards away as the bus passed in front of us. We all ran trying to catch it. These men were bombarding us speaking Spanish so quickly and we had no idea what they were saying. One grabbed my bag, I had no idea what to do. I looked to Brock for assurance and he looked just as confused. They were trying to help us get to the bus. We ran as quicky as we could.

The bus stopped for us once we got to it. Well, they stopped for enough time to get our bags on top, then continued forward.

One problem. We weren't on it.

You know those movies where the train is leaving and the main character misses it so they have to run as fast as they can to get it on? Meanwhile, someone in the train sticks their hand out to try to get them on and it's this huge dramatic scene?

That was us.

They opened the emergency exit and the men on the bus stuck their hands out as the bus was in motion. Our friend was the first one on. Brock went before me because I was in the back documenting all the chaos. This left me way behind as the bus began driving away.

Did I mention I tried to look "cute" that day and decided to wear my shiny gold Birkenstock's? Bad choice. I'm sure I made a huge spectacle of myself trying to catch that damned bus in the first place. The shoes just added to me looking completely ridiculous.

I also decided to wear my new hat that blocks the sun very well. I realized the very practical hat also blocked most of my vision. Not good when trying to jump onto a moving vehicle. I took a huge leap and it's as if time slowed for a second. I was either going to make this look really cool, or I was going to fall on my face as the entire town watched on. My foot met the step and my group pulled me on.


We all made it on the bus and breathed a sigh of relief. We then realized all of the seats were taken and it was standing room only. We got comfortable for the two hour bus ride and headed off.

Here are some travel hacks to take away from my story:

Be earlier than early in Nicaragua. Don't stop to take pictures. Practicality should always trump fashion.

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