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Waking up to its aroma... Sipping it through the rains... Sometimes to recharge you on a hectic office day.. Or maybe getting cozy in bed and reading a book...

Photo of The Ohh-So-Me Blog 2/14 by talesbytalz almost like a BFFWith almost tonnes of brands in the market its tough to decide which brand to choose from..

Not only the market is flooded with brands but also varieties that would surely confuse you.

So lemme introduce you to the #TeaTales on my blog with so much trivia about tea, that you would be completely bowled over!

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Connecting With Mingle Tea Around 3 weeks ago, Mingle Tea sent me their samples to try out their tea.I follow Soul To Sole from where I got to know about Mingle Tea and contacted it's founder.

Now, just like the magnanimity in the cultures, there is a huge variance in the way people like to drink their tea. Some like it piping hot, some like it with sugar and milk, some like it too foamy. I belong to the category who likes tea without milk and sugar and should be rich in color.

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Keeping in mind the diversity in the chai arena... Mingle Tea calls it lovingly #chaiversity. So while I took my own sweet time , trying and testing these samples, I was so intrigued to know the story behind. The founder says, its pure passion that led to the foundation of Mingle Tea. He observed over years how a cup of tea could bring people together with loads of #chaipecharcha. Conversations that never end and the tea smoke would depict the memory clouds swaying away to glory.

Range Of Teas:

Handpicked from the best tea estates of the country, this cup of tea surely leaves you asking for more.Ranging from Oolong Tea to Green Tea to Black Teas to Flower Tea to White Teas, and a huge plethora of tea products , you would surely find a Mingle Tea suited for you.

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The samples I got were see-through and I could see the contents inside. Usually , we get tea in the form of black residue powder or as tea bags.Being a creative writer and food blogger,I often get super swamped with creative ideas over a cup of tea at some tea cafe. It was during one such visit , where I came across tea served in the kettle that had it's leaves and flowers blooming. From that moment on,I was too fascinated by the concept that I shunned all tea-bags and wanted to try the real leaves and flowers blooming tea, or whatever they call them. I love to call these kind of teas as blossoming or blooming teas.

First Impressions:)

And my heart elated when I saw the samples, as they were those kind of blooming teas. I received around 9 since I am habitual of having green tea/chamomile/jasmine at bed time , I started with the Darjeeling Green Tea sample. Opening the sample, the scent of the leaves was truly bewildering! The color of the leaves , which were actually real leaves were lush green.

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Boiling them my whole kitchen was filled with the wonderful aroma.

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I brought the kettle to my room,trust me, the whole room was filled with the fragrance.The taste was unlike the usual tea bags and sipping the tea, you could make out that it was authentic natural green tea.

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The leaves became twice the size of the original rolled leaves I received in the sample, and I didn't want to throw them away.

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Since, I had already fallen in love with the whole experience, I didn't want to finish all samples asap , rather enjoy them haule-haule ????

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So I decided to go ahead and test , do they diffuse tea after using them again. and here is what I found out...tea definitely is dispensed, but the color and flavor is reduced by half, nonetheless it does work.

A date with White Love:

Next day, I tried the tea which I think,is aptly named White Love. The tea has rose petals and tea leaves. Boiling the tea , reminded me exactly like a spa experience.

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Bringing the tea to my room, straining it , I couldn't help but, to stare at the lovely tea precipitated. The rose petals had infused the colors in the tea and the turned white...ohhh! that's why the name white love.

I couldn't concentrate on reading the novel, and my mind was totally distracted by the invigorating aroma of the tea.

Sharing with Friends: Describing each and every sample, would totally turn me into a poet , and I can actually go on and on. In the product testing stage, I also gave two samples to my friends to try and test out. They came back asking for me.

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My Picks: -Rose Oolong -Orthodox Chocolate Black Tea -White Love -Saffron Kashmiri Kahwa


I totally wish I could have a gadget to record the aroma and taste of the teas, so that I could share the same with you all:)

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Since this was a total amazing experience , am sure you would feel, how much I have fallen for it. I would like all my lovely readers to enjoy this scintillating tea. So here I am presenting the first GIVEAWAY for my blog in association with MINGLE TEA.

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4. Tell us an amazing conversation you had over a cup of tea that totally got you mingled in the talk on the instagram/ blogpost.

5. Open only for Indian Residents.

3 Winners will be getting surprise gifts from Mingle Tea and will be chosen by Mingle Tea.Last date: 30th August 2016. (23:59 IST)

Winner Announcement: 31st August 2016 Winner shall be contacted on social media. Incase the winner does not reply within a week another winner shall be chosen. Mingle Tea's decision shall be final.

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