The pine forest at Dhanachuli

25th Jul 2014

Mist among the pine

Photo of Mist among the pine by Susmita Mukherjee


Photo of Shrouded by Susmita Mukherjee

A stolen moment of peace

Photo of A stolen moment of peace by Susmita Mukherjee

Find the raven

Photo of Find the raven by Susmita Mukherjee

Canopy of mushrooms

Photo of Canopy of mushrooms by Susmita Mukherjee

Finally, a moment of clarity

Photo of Finally, a moment of clarity by Susmita Mukherjee

Modernisation is catching up fast in Dhanachuli. The region was once called the most favoured of Jim Corbett and still has some semblance of the natural sheen of bliss and beauty. Being close to Mukteshwar, modern amenities are not far away. The Edheshwar Temple in Dhanachuli is a wonderful visit during the month of Saawan (monsoon in the lunar calendar). I would recommend staying at Te Aroha, as the other resorts along the way are neither eco-friendly nor offer the class of comfort. Early morning and late afternoons can be spent well in the company of the thousands of birds that are unique and visiting the region.