The top 4 reasons why people love Rajasthan Travel


Rajasthan, the multi-cultured state of India, is brimming with a variety of colors, attractive arts, Lake, and various other traditional artifacts and sculptures that add to the charm of the place. With a glorifying history, Rajasthan has remained the center of attraction for the tourists to explore the traditional, as well as the modern side of the place.

Photo of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by Royal TaxiCab

Thinking to reconnoiter Rajasthan during vacations this time? Get a well-managed travel package from Royal Adventure Tours and drip in the traditional values of the place. Here are some adorable reasons why people visit Rajasthan.

The historic monuments

One of the main reason why people go for Rajasthan tourism package is the historic views it gives you. The monuments, Lake, gardens, museum, marketplaces, temples, forts etc. add to the architectural collection of the place. The places also come with great stories of the Maharajas for a pleasurable visit.

The markets of Rajasthan – A must visit place

While designing the Rajasthan travel package, don’t forget to spare some time for the market. The marketplace would surely confuse you with the Rajasthani designs in clothes, handicrafts, jewelry, carpets, blankets, dancing puppets and much more that would take your girl’s heart rolling. The many markets to visit like Nehru Bazar, Johari Bazaar etc. The markets are also popular for the clothing, gadgets and Jewelers products.

Rajasthan origin food items

Rajasthan is famous for food items like Dal baati choorma, Egg bhurji, and Jalebi. Apart from this, other food items to taste here would include samosas, Pyaaz Kachori, Vada pav, Makhania Lassi, etc. Rajasthan is the best place to be in for the foodies that serve dishes with a traditional touch to make it more delicious to have.

Palaces and Resorts for getting pictures

People booking Rajasthan tour package are also captivated by the splendid palaces and resorts that are photogenic. The places come with a traditional aura, art, heritage, etc. that help in making the places used for taking pictures. People visit here to explore the culture and heritage, enjoy the ancient palaces and havelis, enchanting green forests, highly standing mountains, and much more.

Also, make sure your Rajasthan Tour Packages from Royal Adventure Tour doesn’t miss out the Mewar Festival, Rajasthan arts and floral patterns in exhibitions, jewelry, Mehndi art, festivals, pen Handicraft and much more for a completely unique trip.

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