Photo of THE TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE LIFE 1/1 by Alejandra Vidal

I am a Digital Nomad, creative designer, entrepreneur, maker and doer who can’t get enough of adventure, nature, good vibes, design and social work. I have been working in the Design industry for the last seven years as a Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Lecture, social entrepreneur and photographer.

I was born in Colombia; however, I moved to Australia by myself when I was 17 to study and create a career. Currently living, working and studying in a van called Mostaza.

I am obsessed with travelling, cultures & history, with experiences and adventures that can open my mind & inspire me to think more creatively. I’ve had the opportunity to travel across 51 countries so far; 70% of my travels involve social or volunteer work. This thirst for change and that ultimate feeling of helping and doing good to others have pushed me to work on an honours research project about travelling with a purpose, that evolved into a Doctorates of Visual Arts. I am now researching the future of the creative industry - Digital nomadism and social entrepreneurship.

The travel and adventure life is a blog by me, Alejandra Ramirez Vidal. I want to share my travel experience and personal lifestyle, aiming to inspire others to follow a sustainable and conscious journey.

I help individuals seeking a transformational travel journey, to find soul-reaching, meaningful and purpose-driven experiences while having control over their finances.

By embracing curiosity, adventure and cultural awareness, we can step into the unknown, broaden our perspective, face our fears and change the way we see life, valuing what is essential.

I believe, more and more, we are encouraged to think like travel consumers, not global citizens. Becoming a responsible global citizen is about the attitude taken, and the choices made when travelling.

To respect and provide benefit to the local people, their cultures, economies and environment—a true global citizen develops a broader view of the world, understanding the role he or she plays, by becoming a conscious world traveller.

Empowering people to travel with a purpose.