The Tree House At The Berlin Wall

Photo of The Tree House At The Berlin Wall 1/1 by ankita

Berlin is a city with history at every turn. And for me, one of the most intriguing aspects of this vibrant's city's past was the Berlin Wall. Not only because I could actually see a part of the wall still standing, but because it seemed incredulous that this wall stood tall and mighty till less than three decades back, dividing a city and it's people. Everyone I met had been a part of this piece of history, having lived it themselves. It made it seem so real and close and tangible, not like a textbook chapter on a moment begone. There was one story in particular that I especially loved, that of Osman Kalin. "Osman Kalin who?" you ask. A commoner, like you I, but there is something very special about his story. Read on. Osman Kalin was a Turkish immigrant living in Kreuzberg district in West Berlin when the wall was erected in 1961, cutting off the West and the East. Due to a bend on the border, a small patch of land which belonged to ...

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