The trouble is you think you have time.

23rd Jun 2017

Thinking that you will live to age to 90's is nothing more than an assumption. As you don't know what will happen tomorrow. Texting while driving has surpassed the death rates of drink-and-drive. You can be killed on the road at any moment by someone who is messaging their friends. It might by an accident taking your life by the mistake of others and the same goes around if you are on the other side.

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Don't expect retirement...!! Living till tomorrow is truly a blessing, so figure out what you're going to do if you were to die tomorrow. Live today as the last day and live to the maximum. Because mind you, life is short.

Go against the heard

Realize that job security entails allowing somebody to fire you at any moment. Either you are working to build someone else's dream or building your own. Don't depend on anyone. Don't just follow the suits and ties. Do what you love and love only that. You can fail at what you don't love so you might just want to take chance at failing at what you love to do. Have a strong will and lead at your own stakes because life gives you chances and that too many, but picking is up to you. You sail or sink is truly dependent on the boat of your will. Go out alone and conquer because what's really left in following the heard? Go against it.

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Embrace the unknown trails.

Go without a plan and witnesses the flow of events that happens at that moment and at every moment that is hidden behind the treasure of the untold path that you will traverse.

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Travel on your own... just to realize how easy it is to make new friends, anywhere and everywhere that you go. Going to the same place again and again will not change the place but the friends you make during that journey will last forever. Trekking In India - A Beginner's Guide So pack that bag and tie the laces for what is unknown is the waiting and lurking from around the corner just to meet you. And who knows what might change your life for good.

Trust in your own trails

Isn't it fascinating that human grew and lived in caves and mountains amidst the trailing winds. Wouldn't that be difficult for him to live in there? We are living in complete luxury. Think of sometimes climbing the rock and the hills. Difficult it would be? Yes..! But what joy is it to sit at a place under the fan and think about the future? Go out and embrace the fresh winds and let the trek on a hill fill your lungs with energy and a new life. Trust your foot and it will literally take you to the heights.

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Dream big and ask help from others.

Ask for nothing and you will get nothing. Ask for a new life you will get a new life. A mighty empire cannot just by itself and be powerful by enclosing it into walls. It will stand strong only if it is helped by the other surrounding empires. A little help, when asked for, can bring a lot of difference. You need only ask.

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People are good everywhere.

Don't judge by the action of the government for it has a billion of dreams of its nation to fulfill. One incident turned out bad can stay in your mind forever and you keep yourself away from such an incident. Same with people. What's done by one isn't necessarily the same with another. Let your fears away and trust, people are good... everywhere.

You are the creator of your own path.

One thing leads to another. Invest your time into good things and good will definitely come to you. Buttons of the olive green shirt Don't wait for the opportunity to come knocking on your door, go and find it. Work hard for your own destiny. Sitting by the side of lake and thinking about life has offered you wouldn't help you grow. Give your life some change of health and spirit. Live for your own and for others in proportion. Only YOU can make or break what is going to be your future.

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