The truthful revelation of divinity

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The pilgrimage tour is quite famous among the tourists for the search of nirvana. In any religion, the idea of moksha is celebrated widely. Life is like a cycle that circles around virtues and vices. The tourists engage in the pilgrimage tour with the interest to explore traveling on foreign along with the quench of spiritual thirst. Every mortal being is searching for spiritual solace in the divine embodiment. Very few are successful enough to come across such divinity. In the mainland of India, religious folklore plays an important role in shaping our spiritual ideas.

Why one goes for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra?

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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is of spiritual importance among the tourists for its religious significance. It is the land of cosmic energy. From the mythology, we come to know that Lord Shiva with his consort Devi Parvati stays in the peaceful corners of snow cladded Kailash. In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva symbolizes the utmost source of energy for the universe. He is believed to be the destructor as well as a preserver.

God is an abstract idea that attracts thousands of people to explore it. The idea of spirituality or divinity cannot be explained so easily to others. God appears in our consciousness as a mere form and it leaves us with varieties of definitions to explain it. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is believed to such saintly journey where one comes across similar minded people. In any pilgrimage tour, purified soul and mind are required for comprehending the real meaning of such a journey.

When one takes a holy trip to Mt. Kailash, he wants to bring himself close to the god. It is always seen that the devotee wants a solitary interaction with the lord. The pristine land of Mt. Kailash allows the devotees to explore the beauty of the Lord. One takes such a spiritual journey to make coherence between the physical mind and the spiritual mind. A pilgrimage tour brings an alignment between these two minds by bringing the soul to explain the onus of the incorporeal world. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra believes to bring a complete metamorphosis to the human soul. This is the journey where one comes across the real self.

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Kailash Manasarovar Yatra comprises of two circumambulations. One is around the lake Mansarovar and the other is around Mt. Kailash. In the circumambulation around the lake, one has to take the holy dip in the waters. Taking this holy dip symbolizes the purification of the soul. One becomes free of any kind of impurities. It is an initial step before taking a circumambulation around Mt. Kailash. When one first encounters the grandeur of the snow cladded Mt. Kailash, the immense presence of the heavenly mountains makes one inconsequential in front of a divinity.

In Hindu mythology, darshan is quite important because one approaches deity in close vicinity. This kind of sacred tour brings out the spiritual revelation to the minds of the tourists. As mentioned earlier, the god is an abstract idea by taking this kind of pilgrimage tour one can comprehend the absolute reality of spirituality. It will be a life-changing experience because one gets divine guidance to understand the goal of life. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that our after death life is defined by our karma. This spiritual journey to Mt. Kailash is like divine assistance to experience the Lord. The entire journey is about the perception of life and death and the performance of deeds in the life cycle.

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