The Twilight Saga

11th Sep 2011
Day 1

Across the lines of one’s eyen there always lies a frame. A frame, trying to see the things as it wants to. What contradicts to me is the fact that they don’t even share a feeble plank of co-ordination. Though it does not stop me from piling through the auburn of twilight on another day.

Its ‘7 in the clock. I should have been on my way to home. But I am undone by setting solicitous sun. Curving its back in the arms of horizon like a beautiful lady on pasture. A single shot has left me trolling the gray areas of my mind, asking over and over again,” have I ever been here before?” I can feel a sense of calmness, a spell in the meadows like a charming lovely lady of starry night. A strange flow of gazing air is taking me in to something rich and coral. My eyes are winking, trying to capture the music that hid. But when most I wink, the best sees. The fine shades of shine in the form of a shadow. The milky way of miraculous things which were left disrespected in the day light. The dreams that flattered in the aftermath of better judgments.

I can see my determinate bonds with my past in the company of gushing air & passing moments. It makes me feel self contained at a time, reasonably content. The vantage of being together does not stand a ground as now. I am petrified. But…. for the right I will bear all the wrong. Because bending for your loved ones do not conceal your faults. Against myself I’ll vow debate for being an absentee in the talks & walks. Far back, acquaintances by haply was not a good start but it demanded an assurance of a happy ending. Assurance from a friend. I am still in the realms of my appertaining, cautious enough not to vex it with my inconstant mind. In better states to say the least .In retrospect, inevitability is seemingly irrevocable. It could not have been any other way. A case what I may call the high probability of the improbable.

Here I am, still walking alone with another person inside me. May be not profoundly happy, may be a little lonely, but yes certainly. All of that has changed. After all, in the sleep king, walking no such matters…

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