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Day 30

The place where the discovery was made is a wetland and a peat bog. It is possible that an unfortunate gentleman was shot in the swamp, or simply lost his sword.

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Let’s see about Katana Sword:

The katana sword had not only socially identified Samurai but in many ways, it defined spiritually as well. The combination of beauty and deadly accuracy that represents the sword is a beautiful metaphor for these Medieval warriors of old Japan.

This custom of being armed caused any number of problems in Japan, after it ended the period of conflict, and the country was unified under the Tokugawa Shogun. What was then a lot of warriors out of work and taking large swords tied at the waist. It is not a recipe for peace and tranquility. The romantic idea of the two lone samurais locked in a heroic duel actually emerged in this period. One thing that is interesting to note is that the sword was not originally the weapon of choice of the samurai class. It was the bow and arrow.

1,000-year-old Viking sword discovered in Cork city:

Perfectly preserved 1,000-year Viking sword has been discovered by archaeologists on the historic site of the former brewery Beamish and Crawford in Cork. The Weaver of the wooden sword is about 30cm in length, shuffleboard, and features carved human faces typical of the Ringerike style of Viking art, dating approximately from the end of the 11th century. Consultant archaeologist Dr. Maurice Hurley said that it was one of several artifacts of "exceptional importance" unearthed during recent excavations at the site of South Main Street, together with intact plants of 19 houses of Viking, remains of homes central and the bedding material.

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