The Untold story of adventure in snowfall

31st Dec 2016
Day 1

It was 31 december and me and my 2 friends were attending a marriage in chandigarh. Then we were to leave for shimla though we were planning to go to Hatu Temple.

We reached around 8 Am in Narkanda.To reach here you need go through Shimla- Narkanda road. We had our own car one can also take bus from Shimla to Narkanda.

The road from Shimla to Narkanda is beautiful place to drive on .

It gives you some breathtaking views. You will just love it. We had our breakfast and then decided to move up to Hatu temple.The road becomes a bit tough as you move forward and then there came a place where some cars were parked and a lake was there which was frozen.I am really not sure if that was lake but everyone said so.

It was an amazing view and it was a sunny day. You will just fall in love with this place. From here we decided to move upwards by foot.

It was an easy trek for 4-5 kMS which will take around 2- 3 hours depending one's effort. We reached Hatu temple and the view was an amazing one.

If one loves peace  you can take a nap in the chilling winds with the direct sun rays falling on your body. I remember taking a nap there for half an hour.

It is so peaceful around there where you will just forget the world. We clicked pics and enjoyed the peace and has an awesome time.

Now was the time to go down. We started and we had walked around for 30 minutes. Then a sudden thing had fallen on my body i ignored it but after sometime it had again fallen i was bit confused what was it. Then the same thing happened with my friend he pointed it out . We discussed and came to a conclusion that it might be snow though we were not sure Because it had resemblance to cotton that is why we thought it was snow.

We were moving and it had stopped for 5 minutes. Then again it came up. Now the speed was a bit more and it just kept falling.Now it was sure that it was snow. It was an amazing feeling as it was the first time we were witnessing live snowfall. The feelings of that happiness can't be explained here.

It was real fun. As we were coming down it's speed was just getting increased and it was becoming very cold though the fun you have while snowing can make you forget each and every other thing in life. We reached to a spot where our cars were parked. one can also do camping here as well.There was shop where we had Maggie and tea which is a must have when have when you are in mountains because the special taste of mountains is added to them.

Now someone was clearing the snow from the point where we were. We started moving down with our car. We had traveled for only 10 minutes and then there was a big Traffic Jam. We waited for long hours. People were just enjoying snowfall dancing and doing crazy stuff due to which we were not even bothered for standing in jams though the cars were moving a bit after minutes.There came a point where it was all snow.I was outside the car and my 2 friends in the car as i was guiding them.

I told them to keep on the right as the mountain was on the right at that time but car only skidded everywhere. It was really hard to drive on that snow. We really didn't knew what to do. We waited for an almost 20 minutes here. Asked people for help but were not able to convince anyone.

Then there came a guy.He said i will clear your till a U-Turn which he actually did which took 30 minutes(might have 4-5 minutes journey without snow) as he was driving we had four people moving with stones in hands at the exact location of tyre and yes that did happen car was out control and we had to put the stones before the tyres with immediate effect.It continued and we had to adjust stones multiple times but finally we made U turn and we had sigh of relief but only for seconds as the person who was helping us said now you can take the car forward it is not that tough. I don't know how that person showed so much of confidence in us because we were not all confident for this. We tried to convince but he went away in seconds. We started with the same process with the stones in our hands and it continued.

Now we had almost reached the end. Now as the car skidded once again and we had kept the stones but this time even they did not help. One of my friend who was driving the car has left the staring and his hands were up. We were few people who ran near the car and stopped the car with our hands and thankfully it did stop.

Now we were so afraid that we decided we will not be taking the car forward. We were waiting for the person that has helped us before that he can only help us now as his car was behind us but the time was passing and we had few people around us we tried to convince them as well. Almost tried to convince 10 people to which 1 agreed. We were still afraid as that place was bit steep but that person had a good amount of driving experience in mountains.Finally we reached Narkanda. and we thanked God for everything and this trip had everything in it snowfall,adventure and learning how important it is to help people in need.

Thank You nature for giving us the oppurtunity to witness live snowfall.

Photo of Hatu Temple, Narkand, Himachal Pradesh, India by Gurneet Singh
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