The Walking trails of Kanvads- A way to Travel!

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We breathe in a country where monsoon comes with a lot more than just rain. The holy month of Sawan craves many people to dress up in saffron attire and march up to collect the pious water of Ganges. This entire procession is called the Kanvad Yatra which is I guess, the best opportunity to travel in a different way. Let’s find out how!

What is a Kanvad?

Basically Kanvad is a single pole tied on both sides with almost equally weighing pots which are used to carry the holy water. The pole is often locally padded with cloth and foam so that it does not poke the carrier.

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Mostly the Kanvadias (Kanvad carriers) boast of their Kanvads by decorating them with flags, sparkle and even small idols of Lord Shiva.

The significance behind

According to the Hindu Puranas, when Lord Shiva inhaled the poison which came out of the milk ocean, it started inducing a negative effect over the Hindu God.

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Following this, one of the most loyal devotee Ravana brought the holy water of Ganga using Kanvad and poured it over the Shiv-linga at Puramahadev. This in result, released Lord Shiva from the poisonous energy.

Along with the Karma, there comes Travel!

As per the Hindu mythology, it is believed that Kanvad Yatra is the best way to enhance your Karma and grow up ethically. Besides, this yatra comes in a perfect synchronization with travel.

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All those who’ve been longing to go out on journeys with a twist, this month is for all of you. With a small bag-pack and a minute investment, one can dip in the actual colour of religion and culture. The itinerary totally depends upon the individuals so be free and go on chanting “Bam Bhole”

The holy journey

Masses of friends, relatives, neighbors get together and start their journey towards the stream of the Holy Ganges every year. The sight of Kanvadias (the Kanvad carriers) is too common in the cities of North India. Mostly the Kanvadias start their journey with a modern conveyance to Haridwar in order to collect the pious Gangajal.

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Right from the moment, they are not allowed to touch down the Kanvad even while they are sleeping. Well thanks to the NGOs which arrange different camps thus providing relief to the masses. Be it hygienic food, kanvad stands or the rest rooms, everything is managed at an appreciable scale. The Kanvadias march down to their respective hometowns reciting the name of Mahakaal.

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However the pious Gangajal is used to bathe the local Shiv-lingas on the new moon day which ethically completes the procession.

The concept of Kanvad yatra is very famous and significant in the villages but the urbanized people are still reluctant to join the procession. No matter what, Kanvad Yatra is a next level trip which not only brings you close to the almighty but also gives you an incredible travel experience.

However, if you have made you plans for the Kanvad Yatra this year, please make sure you take proper care of your equipment and gadgets- Bhaavan Goswami

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