The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1


An over-exposed view of City from Gandhi Ashram

Photo of The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1 by Ashish

A “Sri” Hotel!

Photo of The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1 by Ashish

An odd Auto-Rickshaw meter in practice Ahmedabad

Photo of The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1 by Ashish

A boy in Gandhi Ashram

Photo of The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1 by Ashish

कहते है भ्रमण भ्रम मिटाता है।

आपके उलझे सवालों के सुलझे जवाब देता है

It helps you come out of your vicious circle, which gives you more questions than answers. ये केवल मेरे लिए पूर्णतः निहित है या इसका एहसास सभी को है, पर मुझे भ्रमण करने पर जिंदगी जीने के कुछ और मक़सद मिल जाते हैं। मैं यह बचपन से पढ़ता आ रहा हूँ कि भारत सांस्कृतिक सम्रिध देश है, पर इसका एहसास आपको तभी होगा जब आप इस देश के एक-एक छोर, एक-एक कोने तक यात्रा करोगे।

This is a short journey experience of Gujrat and Diu(Daman and Diu). It’s important to share your travelogue because:

  •   It gives the real insight of a journey, which one may not find on internet.
  •   It keeps memories alive. On some sad boring day, a flashback of the journey can get your spunk back.
  •   It fills your blog.
  •   It will do post analysis of your journey.

I would stop myself here, as it feels like I am filling my answer-sheet of Professional Development exam of engineering.

हम गुजरात पहुँचे वॉल्वो बस से जो की बीकानेरहाउस दिल्ली से चलकर अहमदाबाद जाती है। यह रास्ता आपको हरियाणा से शुरू कर के राजस्थान के डूंगरपुर होते हुए गुजरात में दाखिल करवाता है। जयपुर तक का रास्ता किसी औद्योगिक क्रांति से कम ऩही है। Various new projects are blooming, one of them is Japanese Industrial Town. राजस्थान का डूंगरपुर आपको गुजरात का एहसास दिलाता है। राजस्थान की एक ख़ास बात है हर नाम से पहले श्री, आप दुकानों, बसों और बड़ी बड़ी ब्रांड्स के नाम में भी श्री लगा पाओगे।

Photo of The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1 1/2 by Ashish

This journey was 1267 kms long.
The special thing about Volvo buses’ journey is that you travel with sky. The wide open window especially in nights give you a good glimpse of starry night, but only if you are away from pollution.

Photo of The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1 2/2 by Ashish

I chased the moon whole night

One thing to note when you travel in Sauhhrashtra region and also Rajsthan is,  these sleeper buses leaded by Srinath travels and its duplicates. It gives you comfortable journey experience, and buses are clean.

So we reached the Ahmadabad.

Twin cities of Gandhinagar and Ahmadabad which people often mistake for capital of Gujrat.

We reached here just before city woke up.

Just like many other cities a river(Sabarmati) divides the city not just geographically but also economically.

Sabarmati flows very gently, sometimes  it seems to be a lake. One thing I really loved about this city is how much blended its people are in their culture, even the chips are also Desi. A local brand known Balaji. Brand names have been written in Gujrati. even Tommy, KFC & Mc D have their names in Gujrati.

There is no entry fee for Gandhi ashram. It caters variety of people, right from the ones deeply influenced by Gandhiji to the ones influenced by their 3 monkeys or their idols.

Business-understanding is surely there in Gujrat. Look at Kankariya lake and see how they have made full use of it. It is just like a regular lake of the country but they have used the every slice of it for something. It has eating places, zoo, fun park, amusement zones, theater, toy train, boat-rides and guess what more a butterfly park. City also have an IMAX. It’s in science city. To add more, it has a very well maintained vintage car museum, make sure you arrange the return trip. It’s far away from city without any public transport.

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