The water was blue there

20th Dec 2017
Photo of The water was blue there 1/3 by Nibedita Saha

Beaches, waves, sunrise, sunset, nature; everything was so lovely there. When your work suddenly takes you to Goa, it is called destiny. It was not a planned trip but yes it became one of the organized one. From getting a perfect resort to having the best beer, from watching the sunset to dancing on the beach; I enjoyed everything. Goa will give you the feel of being in some other country. You’ll feel free to do anything you want.

Photo of The water was blue there 2/3 by Nibedita Saha

The unplanned adventure trip of Goa was full of surprises. The Parachute drive was a thrilling experience for me. Though the thrill was for a very short time; it was worth the money.

Goa was celebrating Christmas and New Year when I visited. Before 2016, for me Christmas was all about having cake and playing loud music. But Goa showed me more than cake and Santa Claus on Christmas. The one-day festival stays there for a month. The Christmas Eve preparations were extremely good. Starting from the dancing stage to creative lights….everything was so perfect there.

Photo of The water was blue there 3/3 by Nibedita Saha

After all of that, Goa has become my all-time New Year destination now. Welcomed 2017 there and wish to bid it goodbye there as well and I am planning the 2018 celebration at one of my favourite places. Goa see you soon but this time at a new beach to get a different feel.

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