These Pictures Prove Why Kashmir Is The Best Place To Enjoy Autumn In India


Picturesque mountains and grassy meadows have single-handedly promoted Kashmir's tourism since time immemorial. If you search for Kashmir on the internet, chances are you'll end up seeing images such as this

And while I'm a sucker for verdant landscapes, I was completely spellbound when I chanced upon a picture of Kashmir ablaze with colours of autumn. This was followed by an endless scroll of pictures from Kashmir, beautifully depicting the fall season.

Straight out a fairytale!

An ideal date!

Do you see that blurred backdrop?

Words aren't enough to describe Kashmir's beauty

I wouldn't mind lying here forever

Who wouldn't want to cycle here? 

The beginning of fall

Those aesthetically-pleasing hues!

My obsession with Kashmir in fall will probably never end. If you have witnessed Kashmir in autumn as well, write about your experience on Tripoto. 

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