10 Things to Carry while traveling to #Egypt #Thingstocarry #travel #adventure

Photo of 10 Things to Carry while traveling to #Egypt #Thingstocarry #travel #adventure by Praising Nature
Day 1

Egypt is a country which is saturated with history, culture and amazing destinations.
Travelling to this beauty, you must carry the below items with you without fail (Stating a few obvious pointers as well :P)

1. Sunscreen

The temperature here varies as per summer and winter but in the mornings and afternoons you will witness harsh sunrays hence to avoid tan or sunburns, you should apply sunscreen.

2. Moisturizers or Cold cream or oil

Have mentioned these elements for someone who has moderate or dry skin. The weather is quite different there and tends to be dry for Indian skins. It's always better to carry one bottle rather than regret later.

3. Hat or a cap and glares

As I mentioned about the place being sunny, it's always better to carry a hat or a cap to cover your head and keep it cooler compared to the temperature.

Also, glares or sunglasses are a must for people who have sensitive eyes towards sunlight. And wearing them anyway makes you look cooler!

4. Modest Clothes plus Scarfs

As a country, the place is quite conservative and to blend with the locals it is advisable to wear modest or covered clothes. And if you are out of any, then scarves and jackets are your saviors.

5. Converters or adaptor

The pins used in India are different from the ones used in Egypt. Hence, you will need the convertor for charging purposes

6. Tea sachets

If you are a tea addict you must carry few sachets with you since the tea preparation in Egypt is extremely different from the Indian way. You have to mention at hotels, that you would want tea with sugar and milk

7. Uber app on your phone

This is the best thing ever! You can roam around places like a local in Egypt via uber app. The only challenge you might face is while giving directions to the driver if you are in an uncommon or crowded area since the locals there speak Arabic. You may take someone's help (that's how I managed my travel there)
But for safety, always keep your Google maps on so that you are aware that the direction are correct and he is not taking the long route unnecessarily.

8. Egyptian Pounds

It's always better to have some cash with you while landing there. And for Indians it's suitable to convert it here so that it's directly converted to EGP. While you do it in Egypt, it's first converted to USD and then to INR. You might loose out on some money due to that.

9. Passport, Visa, Tickets and stay confirmation

This is the hygiene element. Please carry your passport with a few photocopies with visa, tickets and stay details.

10. Camera and powerbank

You will click a lot of pictures there, hence, please carry a powerbank alongwith you and a camera to capture lovely memories.

It's a beautiful place and I have stayed there for long. I hope you guys have an amazing time there.

God bless and Happy Travelling!

Photo of 10 Things to Carry while traveling to #Egypt #Thingstocarry #travel #adventure by Praising Nature
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