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If you are a person living alone or living with your family in the beautiful city of Muscat, then this blog post is for you guys. We are fortunate enough to live in this gorgeous city surrounded by beautiful mountains, beaches, historical spots etc. The question that most of us keep wondering during the public holidays or weekends is what can we do to spend time or where can we go? Now there are a number of things that you can do during the free time or weekends if you are staying in the city of Muscat. It is high time we step out of our houses and have some fun, especially during this gorgeous winter weather.

Let me help you guys with some of the activities and trip that you all can do with your family and friends during the weekends.

Road Trips: There are a lot of beautiful places that you need to visit that are situated on the outskirts of Muscat which is just a couple of hours away. The best thing to do is just get into your car and drive to some of these beautiful places with your family and friends. Plan one-day picnics to these places mentioned below:

a. Bimmah Sink Hole: A beautiful water-filled depression amidst the limestone with some fresh clean water that persuades you to go for a dip. The swim in the turquoise water will be worth the 90 minutes drive from Muscat. A perfect destination to have a family picnic in the park adjacent to the sinkhole.

b. Pebble Beach: This beautiful beach covered with some gorgeous round pebbles is a must-visit. This beach is just opposite to the Bimmah Sink Hole and you shouldn't miss this place. A quiet evening by this beach just basking in the sun or enjoying the blue water if you wish to swim in it. This is something that is breathtaking and pulls you into a calm and serene atmosphere. Also, do not forget to pick up a few pebbles for your home.

c. Wadi Al Arbaeen: Getting to this wadi is definitely a challenge and a roller coaster ride. Make sure you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle in case if you are planning to go to this place. If you ever want to feel adventurous then driving to this wadi is a must. The rocky roads with the cliff on one side and dust all over the place, this off-road drive is definitely some sort of an adventurous activity. Enjoy your swim in the wadi and the beautiful nature.

Drive to the Muscat Corniche: This is something that you can do with your partner or your friends. Head towards the Muttrah Corniche during the winters on a Saturday morning and enjoy the beautiful blossoms on the side of the roads. Park your car and enjoy the beauty of the sea on one hand and the old souq on the opposite side. Go for some shopping in the souq and have a delicious shawarma brunch in the cafes opposite to the corniche.

Want to enjoy the Sunset?: Now there are these few places in Muscat where you can enjoy the perfect sunset with your partner, family or friends. Some of the places that you can visit are:

a. Yiti Beach: A not so crowded beach, a pure gem that you will see where you will witness rocks, sand and beach all in one place. A perfect place to enjoy the sunset and probably a barbeque night or a camping night. This beach is just about 30 to 40 kilometres from Muscat.

b. Duke's Bar, Crowne Plaza Muscat: This outdoor seating bar gives one of the best sunset views. The best part of this is you can enjoy a nice glass of chilled beer while you are enjoying the view of the sunset, the beach, and the pool.

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Al Mouj, Souq es Sabt: This is the very first farmers and artisan market organised by Al Mouj on every Saturday till 2 pm. Enjoy your Saturday afternoon with some delicious food from the different food stalls and shop your hearts out from the different small ventures and stalls. You can do all this while you are listening to some live music being played there.

So these are few of the places that you can visit on your weekends and public holidays. Visit these beautiful places and create some memorable moments for your loved ones.

Now, this is just part one of the things to do in Muscat. As and when I get the opportunity to discover and visit more places, I will make sure to share it with all you people. Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful winter and your weekends.

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