Things to do in Switzerland!

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If you are a lover of lush green mountains, waterfall, lakes, and snow, then Switzerland is the place for you. A beautiful country with a perfect mix of all good things. Experience and enjoy postcard view in every corner.

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We stayed in Switzerland for 5 nights. We preferred staying in Geneva for the entire 5 nights and traveled by train to visit different cities of Switzerland. One golden advice - get a Swiss Travel Pass that would get you to most places in Switzerland.

Few things that you ought to visit while you are in Switzerland. There are a couple of snow mountains, try to visit at least one of the snow mountains. We managed to do 2 - Glacier 3000 and Jungfrau. Visit one of the lakes and you must visit the Trummelbach waterfalls.

Well, Switzerland is pretty big a country and you might not get to visit some of the places. We missed out on Zurich and Montreux. You will have to plan your itinerary based on the number of days you will be present in Switzerland.

Our first day in Switzerland, we decided to go to Glacier 3000 mountains. The snow clad mountains with different activities that you can indulge in the snow. You will get the opportunity to walk on the highest bridge which is definitely a unique memory to cherish.

The journey on the train and in the ropeway to reach the mountains itself is an experience. The view is breathtaking. You will find beautiful landscapes on every corner. Every sight is picture worthy. You have to get down at Gstaad station and should take a bus in order to reach Glacier 3000.

Gstaad is a cute little town that you read in kids story books. Wooden houses, cute little streets, summer flowers on both sides of the road, lush green mountains in the background, all these are just picture perfect. While you wait for your bus, you have sufficient time to walk around the town and take a halt at a cute quaint cafe for a cup of coffee.

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The second day, we made a trip to Lausanne city. A quick train ride from Geneva to Lausanne. We visited the famous Olympic Museum in Lausanne. If you are an admirer of Sports then this visit is a must. Our trip around the Lausanne city was more of a relaxed and leisure trip. We visited the beautiful church, took a walk around the main city, shopped a bit, visited the flea market and much more.

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Day 3, we decided to be on top of Europe - literally!! A visit to the Jungfrau mountains which is one of the best places to ski and one of the highest peak. The journey to Jungfrau is not that easy. It takes about a little more than 3 hours to reach with a combination of more than 3 trains to reach the destination. But it is definitely worth all the travel and effort you put to reach the place. The sight of glittering snow in the sun is definitely is breathtaking and beautiful! There are numerous snow activities that you can indulge in while you are in Jungfrau. This place is one of the famous tourist spots and it gets a little crowded.

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On the fourth day, we took a trip to Lauterbrunnen village. The quintessential Swiss Alpine village with lush green mountains and snow clad mountains, beautiful lakes, green pastures, chalet-style houses and of course, the very famous Trummelbach Falls.

The Trummelbach Falls is definitely worth visiting. The force and the sound of water are shocking but in a good way. This place is not favorable for kids under 6 years. The sound of the falls is on a higher decibel and the path towards the falls is through a cave with uneven rocks and steps which might be risky if you are traveling with a kid.

Switzerland is surrounded by crystal clear lakes and it is beautiful. The best thing to do to experience the beauty of the lake is to take a boat ride from Interlaken to the next station stop. We did a boat ride on Lake Thun and it was mesmerizing. We did the boat ride on our way back from Lauterbrunnen to Geneva. It might take a little longer to reach your destination but it is definitely worth it. Soak in the sun, enjoy the sunset, and the stunning view.

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On the fifth day, we dedicated ourselves to tour the Geneva City. The best way to explore Geneva is to walk or to travel by tram. Take a cab to the main Geneva railway station which is the center of the city and then you can explore the city by foot. Few of the places that you cannot miss is the Jet D'Eau which is the famous water fountain right in the middle of Lake Geneva. Also, visit the famous floral clock which is a landmark during the summers. Do not miss out on the shopping district to get your hands on some amazing swiss chocolates and Swiss watches. We also visited the famous Patek Philip museum and was marveled at the vintage clocks and watches that were invented over the years. We also visited some of the beautiful churches in the city.

Switzerland is one such country that you must visit once in your lifetime and if you are an ardent admirer of nature, then this is one country that will make you appreciate the marvelous works of nature.

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