Things To Do In Takapuna


If you plan to visit Auckland then make sure that you visit Takapuna. It is a suburb of North Shore, Auckland. I have been to many places but my experience in Takapuna was something special. Takapuna is located around 9 kilometres from Auckland city. Takapuna has some great shore lines and the place has a unique laid back charm.

Visit the beach:

The beach at Takapuna is pristine and I just loved the white sand. If I had the time I would just be lazing around in the sand, it is so beautiful. At the beach I have taken part in some wonderful water sports. If you do not feel like taking part you can just sit and watch the water sport activities. Many families come and enjoy water sports here. If you like sea kayaking then you can even hire kayaks and paddle along the shores. I did it once and I still remember it fondly.

Visit the lake:

Lake Pupuke is a fresh water lake on a volcano crater. I loved sailing on the lake. People row and canoe on the picturesque lake and take in the beauty. You can do that and even set up a picnic with your family on the lake shore. There are many Shore Rentals from where you can hire the services of rental Takapuna cars and go on sightseeing tours. There are many places from where you can hire the services of rental Takapuna cars and go on sightseeing tours.

Visit the volcano:

At Rangitoto Island you will find a 600 year old volcano. You need to catch a ferry to reach the place. But it is something that you will love doing. If you like adventure you should pay a visit. You can hike and trek in the rugged landscape there.

Enjoy the lava trail:

Walk along the shore from Takapuna to Milford and you will come across lava rock formations. It is a pleasant walk and you can do it along with your children too and take in the sights. You can view the Rangitoto mountain as well as the city of Auckland.

Go and taste wine:

If you like you evening wine then you are just like me. I love wine and I also love to try out new wines. New Zealand is home to some of the finest wineries and there are many in and around Takapuna. You can go on a wine tour and taste some of the finest wines the region has to offer.

If you want to do something else then you can always go for a shopping trip in Takapuna. There are many shops where you can buy products or if you are not in a mood to buy anything you can just window shop. The food is divine in this part of the world and there are many cafés where you can get some sumptuous food. The nightlife is also vibrant and you will find it really enjoyable. If you like arts then you can visit the Lake House Arts Centre or enjoy a show at the PumpHouse Theatre or the Bruce Mason Centre.

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