Things to do while being in Paris


Paris is a busy city that has tons of historic attractions, which are known for its structural engineering and architectures in them. The city is known to be functioning as the best commerce center in recent times, with tourists visiting many different places in and around the city. A Trips to Paris shall be a memorable one if you are traveling with your husband or wife, or with your family members. There are many different coach trips one can take from the travel agencies located in Paris. This kind of tours shall help the tourists to go in and around the beautiful city at ease. One can get to witness and explore a lot by taking such bus tours. The guides are added a plus, as they explain the historical significance and things to notice before reaching a destination. This type of guiding and traveling facility has made people choose over Holidays Coach Travel UK that lets them more like never before.

By taking the decker bus tour or by any other available public transportation, you can reach the below-mentioned travel destinations in Paris and explore with them.

Climb over the Eiffel Tower:

Every other tourist shall visit Paris to witness the great Eiffel tower that stands tall at the center part of the city. This beautiful tower has a significant view that one can experience by climbing over them. Walk through the tower, reach the top, and then witness the whole beautiful Paris city straight from your eyes. Rather than taking pictures of Eiffel tower from the ground, climb over them and take some breathtaking pictures of both the Eiffel tower and the beautiful city at the same time.

Paris Disneyland:

Every other trip that you are about to take in your life must have a great level of entertainment and education at the same time. Paris is the only city that has the kind of entertainment that can bring back your childhood. The Paris Disneyland is the most adventurous and entertaining place that one must visit while taking their tour to Paris. This place has a theme park that has been constructed at length of about 32 km. The entire place is owned by none other than The Walt Disney. There are tons of entertaining activities to do within the theme park and one can find all their favorite Disney cartoon characters under one single roof. This theme park has been recorded to be the most visited theme park in entire Europe.

Candlelight dinner:

Paris being a romantic city has various candlelight dinners organized all over the city. Choose any one and you are about to experience the most romantic night ever in your life. This type of wine and dine option stirs the romance between couples, which indeed is the main reason for them to visit Paris.

The Louvre Museum:

This museum holds the most famous art pieces in them. The masterpiece that was created by Leonardo da Vinci as Mona Lisa has been placed on a display in this museum. This perfect artwork has been created with a great dimension that makes it unique from other artworks.

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