Things to Know about International Flower Festival at Gangtok

1st May 2019

International Flower Festival at Gangtok

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India is known for its diversity and kaleidoscopic festivals. The month of May has arrived and along with it has brought the season of summer vacation where travelers are ready with their bags packed to get relief from the scorching heat and sedentary lifestyle. It’s truly said that “The earth laughs in flower”. This quote is representative of the International Flower Festival, held annually in the month of May, in the spectacular land of Gangtok. Once again, Gangtok has specially opened its gate for tourists landing from all around the globe to attend the International Flower Festival along with splendid scenes and joyful activities lying in the beautiful north-eastern city of India.

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Flower Festival at Gangtok

The International Flower Festival is organized from day 1st of May and goes till 31st May every year. This colorful 31 days long festival counts the footfall of various foreign tourists as well as visitors from PAN India. To become the part of this chromatic festival, book your train tickets and get ready to witness the “Laughing earth in the International Flower Festival” at Gangtok. You can check PNR status of your ticket, if booked in a Waitlist or RAC status, before boarding the train and direct yourself towards the land of flowers with ease.

About the International Flower Festival:

The month of May is a propitious time to visit the town of Sikkim. The month of May is the peak season of flowers blossoming at Sikkim. The city observes the native flowers blooming and spreading their beauty at epitome. The tourism ministry of Sikkim has induced this flower festival to attract tourists and promote the tourism sector. The festival is celebrated at Governor’s residence in White hall, Gangtok.

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Rhododendron Flower

The festival is observed with variety and colorful species of flowers plants, creeper and climbers showcasing their extravaganza. The flower decoration and gardening techniques showcased at the festival are the attraction. There are different species of flowers such as Gladioli, Cacti, ferns and alpine plants with different kinds, colors and size of flowers blossomed in a rows and columns. The gratification of the fair and glee of the festival lies in showcasing the beautiful ranges of Orchid flowers. There are almost 400 kinds of orchid’s flowers vibes in the boundaries of the town. Apart from Orchids, different kinds of roses, primroses, conifers, primulas, cobra lily, lousewort and poppies can be seen imparting their beauty and fragrance in the festival. On the other hand, Sikkim state is home to around 5000 flowering plants and almost 36 rhododendron species containing large flowers and evergreen colors. You can have a glance of 250 kinds of trees of flowers.

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Lily Flower


During the month of May, the temperature of Sikkim stay between 20 to 25 degree Celsius which makes it perfect whether to visit and view these bed of flowers at international flower festival. The climate at Gangtok is calm and relaxing which supports the serenity in the environment.

Experiences and activities at International Flower Festival:

Your imagination might have boundaries, but the scenic beauty of the festival has no boundaries to unfurl its charm and elegance. Fresh air filled with groggy scents will make you feel as if you’re lost in the significant land of flowers. Once you enter in the town of Gangtok at White Hall, the experience will be completely unique and rare which you would haven't imagined of. The anthologized forum of flowers present at this festival is completely soothing to eyes and heart. Along with the festival, there’re many other activities to try out at Sikkim.

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Tulip Flowers

River Rafting: Are you adventurous enough? No worries! The town of Gangtok gives you plethora of opportunities for river rafting. Indulge yourself in this thrilling and adventurous water activity and feel the sudden rush of adrenaline in your body. A fight with the swishing waves of the river will satiate your adventurous spree within you. Note: Practice river-rafting under expert supervision.

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River Rafting

Yak Safari: Unheard but very exciting! The Yak Safari is offered in the flower fair and tourist especially children enjoy the ride to extreme. To experience such kind of unique safari, you must head towards this unique town of flowers.

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Yak Safari

Gardening Seminars - The seminars and lectures are specially organized for tourists. Eminent personalities, farmers and gardening specialists participate to impart the knowledge about gardening techniques and plantation. There are many regional artists and gardeners who present their artistic ways to showcase different kinds of gardening techniques and their decoration skills.

Tickets: To attend the festival of flowers, visitors need to buy tickets easily available online on the official website of Sikkim tourism. Tickets are also available at offline counters.

Food:“The love for food is real love indeed!” Relish the joy of festival with scrumptious food items which are heavily inspired by Chinese and Tibetan culinary kitchens. Rice is the base of the meals prepared in the city. You can try veg/chicken/mutton Momos with Thukapa (a special soup prepared with mushroom, chicken, egg noodles, and veggies of your choice) is loved in the city. Chhurpi is the sweet cuisines of the town made up with cow or yak milk. Try this out!

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Thupka Soup

It’s the time to head towards the most pristine and mystic beauty of northeastern arm of India. You can find natural beauty in each corners of Gangtok. Hills, lakes and the intersection point of the clouds and mountains is enough to blow your mind and heart out. It is a romantic destination as well as a peaceful place to hang around in summer. Gangtok is the most loved destination for all the nature lovers where alluring scenes and natural extravaganza are present in abundance. Apart from Gangtok, Tsomgo lake, Yuksom and Pelling are a must visit places in the state. The roadway pass “Nathula Pass” is the most elevated motorable pass of the world. The state offers you to explore the foothills of Himalayan ranges and engage with the essence of nature and expose yourself to the most natural revelation of God.

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