Thinking about Living in the Himalayas? You Have To Try This Magical Food Item!

7th Nov 2018

A healthy cute breakfast?

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Satu (locally known as Sambu and is made of fully ripe wheat) is an all-round food for the locals of Spiti that provides energy and satisfies hunger. It is believed to be a prime reason for the long life of the elders in the Spiti region by the locals. It is basically a powder form of fully ripe wheat grown in the high-altitude arid regions of the Spiti valley, which allows the grain to have a superior quality.

Here are number of ways one can mix Satu in :

1) Curdy Mix - Take a bowl of curd and add Satu to it. Mix with spoon until it turns into a thick paste and consume with salt or as it is!

2) Chai Mix - Mix it with tea, and sip on the sweet vicious goodness while admiring the first rays on sun on the mountains around you.

3) Modest Mix - Boil it with water, add salt for taste. Downright basic but requires very less time to prepare. Perfect if you are hungry.

4) Basic Mix - Have it with plain water. This basically means having a spoonful and gulping it down with water! Just kidding, you can stir to form a thick paste like with curd and have it.

5) Ball Mix - Stir it with very less water and knead it into a ball for quick consumption. Another method for when the hunger calls!

6) Cloudy Mix - Combine it with the infamous 'Chhang', a local alcohol made from Wheat. A wholesome diet indeed! Take care not to over-indulge though, as Chhang is often very potent and can cause alcohol poisoning.

Similarly, Satu is useful in many situations and has many benefits such as -

1) Satisfies hunger - Satu is quite heavy on the stomach and can leave one feeling full for a long time.

2) Simple to digest - Satu, made of ripe wheat is without added flavours and spices. Thus, being a pure product it is quite easy to digest.

3) Good on treks - Locals of spiti will vouch for Satu for being the most no-nonsense food item one can carry on long treks and journeys.

4) Healthy drinking - A Satu mixture with Chhang is much healthier than drinking other alcohol and ingesting copious amount of junk food with it, which are no good for the body.

5) Perfect breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) - With so many ways to have Satu, one can easily incorporate it into his/her breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

So, when are YOU having a nice filling bowl of this magical yet modest food item? ;)

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