This hidden gem is just 2 hours away from Coimbatore and we are shocked at all that it has to offer


For my college trip this year in the vacations, we decided to go to my friend's hometown Pollachi. It is a small rural town, amidst beautiful coconut trees and vast mountains. The views that it offers are unparalleled. On the first day, 9th March, we all took a flight from Delhi-Hyderabad-Coimbatore. A direct flight was relatively more expensive, so we decided to take the connecting flight. On the plane, I was sitting next to a famous politician, Mr. Pallam Raju. I did not know him due to my lack of interest in the news, people were constantly saying hello to him and I wondered why.

It was then that we had a two hour long interesting conversation about politics and life on the plane till Hyderabad. It is interesting to see how I met a random stranger on the plane and we turned into friends. The Hyderabad airport is a good time killer, it had a lot of shops, but we were tired and simply drank some "South ka filter coffee". It was really nice and different from other coffees, relatively stronger.

Then we went to Coimbatore. My friends father was waiting at the airport for us with Dominoz Pizza and we ate that on the way to Pollachi which was just two hours away. This is the end of the tiring journey.

The house was beautiful like a resort and they had their own coconut farm. It looked like a version of paradise to me, where I wanted to stay forever. It was filled with shades of tree green and sky blue, and a smell of coconuts filled the atmosphere. I was shocked to see that a farming family could have a modern house. In my head, farmers had huts, I had never met an eloquent farmer before. Maybe, farming had paid off well and they were living the dream lifestyle. The had hired workers and they literally only had to manage the per day workers.

The next day, after waking up we had lovely breakfast and then coconut water which was fresh from their farm. The coconut water had a slight limca taste behind. We took a car drive in the Annamalai tiger reserve and there were beautiful birds there. We did birding and I used binoculars for the first time. Since we woke up early at around 8Am, we also slept early around 8PM after amazing home made dinner.

The next day we were going to Kodaikanal which is just a 3 hour drive from Pollachi. It is a small picturesque town which looks like it is straight out of a movie. We cycled around the lake together. We went to ate at Guari Krishna restaurant on the way. Then we went to Tava in Kodaikanal.

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