This Hidden Heart-Shaped Lagoon in Goa Has Stolen Countless Hearts


For those who’ve had enough of the relentless party scene in Goa and need to heal their eardrums as well as restore some peace to their being, there is a slew of natural wonders that’ll soothe your battered senses. These gems in Goa are shrouded in secrecy, tucked away in cosy nooks, just waiting for you to stumble upon them.

One such wonder is the heart-shaped lagoon in Chicolna near Bogmalo beach in the south. With cerulean waters and its extraordinary shape, it twinkles under the sun inviting you to take a cool dip.

Take a drive all the way down to the end of the road beyond the turnoff for Bogmalo beach. The lagoon is, literally, off the beaten track. Your best hope for the trek is good sports shoes since the trail is a little rocky. You’ll find a fork in the road where you can either choose to go up or down a path, like in any nail-biting book featuring forked roads.

Follow the path that leads downwards to the heart-shaped lagoon gleaming under the sun. The water is blue and so glassy that if you bring your face close to the mirror-like surface, you can spy fishes swimming around.

Swimwear or not, you should take a dip in this pool which isn’t too deep and feels wonderful on your skin. The furious waves crash incessantly against the rocky beach so you can sit back in silence just listening to the roar of the ocean.

The path upwards will offer you glimpses of monkeys and chirpy birds belting out a tune amidst the verdant trees.

It’s a 10-15 minutes climb to the clifftop where you’ll come upon a stunning bird’s eye view of the glimmering coastal area all the way up to Majorda in the south and Vasco in the north.

Make sure you stick around for the incredible sunset to watch nature’s play of colours.

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There's another one in wayanad n similar hidden lake in devkund maharashtra
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