This hidden place between Mumbai and Goa is heaven


This place is not too far and not too close. You will have a perfect time at this underrated place.

Photo of Tarkarli, Maharashtra, India by vidhi bubna
Photo of Tarkarli, Maharashtra, India by vidhi bubna

Tarkarli is beautiful and it is right next to the ocean. It offers wide and beautiful ocean views and it is not as crowded as Goa. For all those who don't like to party a lot, like their own space without a huge crowd, Tarkarli is the best travel destination for you. Here's a list of things to do in Tarkarli.

Sindhudurg Fort- The fort is beautiful with rock architecture. You can climb the fort with your friends and spend around 4-5 hours there.

Tarkarli Beach- The beach is a great place to just chill and stay with friends.

Chivla Beach- This is yet another of the magnificent beaches at Tarkarli.

Scuba diving point- This place offers scuba diving as well. You can learn to scuba dive not very far away from Mumbai or Goa. The waters are cleaner than Goa here so it is going to be a better experience due to more visibility in the water.

How to get here?

You can take a train from Mumbai to Tarkarli or hire a car and go for a road trip.

When we had gone, we had taken a train ride. The view from the train was beautiful and the train makes you reach your destination faster. We stayed at the MTDC resort in Tarkarli and the experience was great. It was small but it was very close to the beach. We then swam in the water and enjoyed good food by the beach. The next day we went to the fort and learnt scuba diving. We did our final scuba diving on the fifth day and it was overall an amazing experience. The trip was calm, serene and it was Goa like without the party part and the huge crowd.

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