This is the other product on the list to have a price of Rs 1,999,


JioFi M2

This one can be the very first generation JioFi device. Similar to the JMR 540, this device also offers connectivity to 10 products simultaneously along side USB tethering connectivity to one and has Micro-SD Card Micro-USB Port Nano SIM slot. The only big difference is that this one includes a somewhat lesser battery capacity of 2300mAh.

JMR1040 White

The JMR1040 may be the switch that you might consider buying given most of the options around. These are pricing, that switch sells JioFi Firmware Update for Rs 999 and with this price it gives connectivity to 10 devices. The unit also features a Micro-SD Card, Micro-USB Port, Nano SIM slot and it employs the LTE (2300/1800/850MHz) IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G only. In comparison to one other two modems mentioned previously, this one can be chosen in two colour options to pick from – black and white. Last but most certainly not least, the largest advantage of the design around one other people may be the large 3,000mAh battery. The price tag on that switch also stays Rs 999.

JMR541 Dark

This is the last switch in the list, and it also comes with basic specification normal to all the other abovementioned routers. The JMR541 offers connectivity with around 31 products around Wi-Fi and one around USB tethering. The switch employs the LTE (2300/1800/850MHz) IEEE 802.11b/g/n system for connectivity, and this one also comes with 2,600mAh of battery. The price tag on that switch can be Rs 999


Because across all Dependence Jio Wi-Fi hotspot products pricing is not the problem, and the Rs 999 stays the obvious option to select, we would claim that you select the JMR1040 in often the black or bright colour since the unit is the most recent one in the account, and it comes most abundant in massive battery among all the models.