This Time-Lapse Video of Norway Will Make You Fall In Love With It


Rustad Media created this astonishingly beautiful time-lapse video for Norway in 4K. From the glorious mountains to the clear blue rivers, everything is so surreal that one can't help but pray to visit this heaven, atleast once. Check out the magic for yourself.

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Wow norway you beauty ."incredible" norway is my dream destination I would like travel to norway I make sure one day I will come norway sure .....
Mon 03 27 17, 00:23 · Reply · Report
Photo of Robin Ks
Robin Ks
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Photo of Suvika Videsh
Suvika Videsh
Love this video.. Noway is one destination on top of my must visit list and your video compels me to do my trip ASAP.
Thu 07 09 15, 23:59 · Reply · Edit · Delete ·