Thought Clouds that sway over me, GOA

Photo of Chapora Fort, North Goa, Goa, India by Ramya Balakrishna

Thought clouds that sway over me, running haywire when I want to pinpoint the sin, the arsenal, the point-blank in the thoughtless arcs,

Thought clouds that sway over me, want to walk back, or fly back or just count the heartbeats that shutter to that one thought, one thought that set me sleepless in the starry Nights, making me scream at myself whenever I slip, single-minded point, that changed the whole thought flow, to a mindful plan set in motion

Thought clouds that sway over me, through the meaningless life and the deformed walk, caused since I slipped, The pain and hurt and the tears that I let flow since I failed myself at the moment

Thought clouds that sway over me, when I picked myself up, limping, cribbing and hurting, yet being hard on myself for losing it, I picked myself up, through a new displacement, a new direction, perspective to reach that point and pin back to that goal, that dream, that image

Thought clouds that sway over me, and I found the pin, the Single-minded devotion towards a goal that looks far far away...Yet in my head, it's right there and I have a clear view, a farsight... - Ramya

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SUN is lucky , he is watching moon
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