Thrill in the air | Bungee Jumping an unforgettable experience for a lifetime


When I was standing at the edge of bridge, I was really wandering what I am doing here, is it really important and mixed feeling in your mind will come, Instructor will suggest you the way to jump either you can dive or free fall and then he will say “Bungee”. I go with the free fall.

Oh my god. What an unexplained moment, just awesome, for that moment when you just leaned your body nowhere, it will like “Why I am killing myself”.

I was just leaned my body down and you will feel a slight jerk when you will get hanged by rope. All fear will gone and now just enjoy your free moving body hanging somewhere in between hills, yeah that's it, bungee jumping done.

After some swings, two people standing down will hold you with the help of a bamboo and will lie you down, will remove all your ropes and give you a badge saying “You’ve got guts”, yeah that was really a proud moment, now enjoy others fear.

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